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Tuesday’s Tip: Make Time For Some Fun


    On Sunday, I got into a little game of hopscotch. Actually, it wasn’t so little — the board went up to 24!

    Being outside in the crisp air, sharing laughs with GL, and really concentrating on my hops, skips and jumps was a nice way to remind myself –I need to do this more.

    All work without play not only makes me a boring mom…


    It makes me miss out on a well deserved opportunity to connect to my soul.

    So whether it’s taking 20 minutes to have a private dance party (one of my faves!). Or a whole morning to lounge around with your favorite book–
    Keep it loose. Don’t stress about what you should be doing.

    Just have a little fun.

    The sign that you’ve entered playtime; you’re smiling on the inside and out.

    When was the last time you let go for fun?

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    6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip: Make Time For Some Fun”

    1. Hop scotch with 24 squares – wow! Every time I see a smooth, flat stone, I think, “This would be a great hopscotch rock” and somehow I never get around to playing the game LOL. I believe it will be on my list for the next camping trip we take! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

    2. girlgatheringwisdom

      I am very lucky because I have some super kids in my life. When I fully “let go” not caring about how I look or sound and I am in the moment being silly ………..well that is just the BEST fun in my life AND I believe it is the best of me. Fun is good!
      Elysha, thanks for reminding us! We all need a poke sometimes.

    3. Yes, 24 squares was my daughter’s idea…she just wanted to keep drawing– which I guess was part of the game 🙂 We didn’t actually throw the stones up that high– 11 was as far as I could make it. Thanks for stopping by, Susie!

    4. SirenaTales

      Thanks for the delightful reminder…and I LOVE the pics, Elysha. Yes, as Dr. Seuss said: “Fun is good!” I like your test for whether we are having fun–smiles inside and out. So true. Here’s to the soul-connecting magic of FUN! xoxo

    5. ST, Great quote from Dr. Seuss! Thank you for mentioning it. And thanks for being your fantastic self + bringing your splendor over here. xoxo

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