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6 Pairs Of Sweatpants That Belong Out Of The House

    Sweatpants by Splendid
    Sweatpants by Splendid

    As a sporty girl (in style, not in actual athletics) I am so pleased that sweatpants have upgraded from their in-for-the-evening status to a chic starting point for an entire outfit. By slipping into the comfy staple, it no longer signifies you’re done for the day, or ate too much lunch. Now, they’re in Vogue. And with their surge in popularity, comes a whole new crop of enticing variations to choose from.

    How you style sweats makes all the difference in conveying the message I’m tired (when worn with an oversized tee and plain sneakers) or I’m awesome! (When paired with rockin’ boots, killer flats or cute clogs.)

    Style them as if they were trousers. Try a tailored top (like a button down underneath a crew neck sweater) layered with a moto or denim jacket. To avoid heading straight to Schlumpsville; keep your joggers away from Ugg boots.

    Sweatpants to Step Out In (But Not Necessarily To Workout In)

    Rita Ora Roses Track Pants $80
    Rita Ora Roses Track Pants

    Ok, I’m obsessed with Rita Ora’s collection for Adidas. There’s at least 5 pieces I want, but this pair of track pants sits at the top of the list. Well, there’s also a pair of sneaks…but that’s a different post.

    Firth Leopard Jacquard Sweatpant

    As a sucker for a cool pattern, I’ll always click where the pretty prints are.

    Rag & Bone Leyton Sweatpants
    Rag & Bone Leyton Sweatpants

    This is definitely a pair of fancy sweatpants; they cost over $200. But if you consider their wearability in the same caliber as a pair of trousers that make your regular rotation, then they’re totally worth the splurge.

    Jcrew Drapey Wool Sweatpant
    Jcrew Drapey Wool Sweatpant

    Celebrate sweater weather with wool on the bottom then balance out the look with a pretty silk blouse on top.

    Thakoon Addition Marled Knit Sweatpants
    Thakoon Addition
    Marled Knit Sweatpants

    The ultimate in cozy chic– this chunky knit could easily become my most cherished warm-ups.

    Forever 21 Zippered Denim Joggers
    Forever 21 Zippered Denim Joggers

    Think of these as your favorite pair of jeans, but better.

    How do you feel about wearing sweatpants out of the house?

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    6 thoughts on “6 Pairs Of Sweatpants That Belong Out Of The House”

    1. uuuummm. No. πŸ˜‰ Sorry. As a girl who has half her closet controlled by my workout obsession when I step out the door the workout clothes either have enough style to carry me from the gym to the store or I’ll change into slacks. Just me, they are cute styles I just know I’d feel awkward wearing them.

    2. Jenny, I understand! Sometimes when I’m wearing them I’ve felt as if I’m getting ready to go to bed because they’re so comfortable…I think it takes getting used to.

    3. I’m all about comfort, and we’re a casual country here in the southern oceans, so yes, why not? It would never get cold enough to wear those woollen ones, although that doesn’t stop me from wanting them

    4. Sara, a pair of cotton jersey sweats would be nice in the warm weather, or even silk. Hope you’re enjoying your days leading into summer!

    5. Melissa

      This makes me feel even better about barely ever wearing jeans anymore πŸ™‚

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