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How To Have Your Best Vacation Style

    We just got back from an epic tour of London and Paris and I must say…

    I felt amazing 97% of the time!

    Getting dressed was SMOOTH. My outfits were on point. And I’ve already worn the 2 pieces I bought since getting back home. (The true sign of a good purchase!)

    Can we all agree that traveling isn’t always easy?

    Exposing yourself to a new environment, or maybe even a different culture and language, forces you out of your comfort zone.

    That’s why being comfortable in your clothes is so important! It helps you settle in and feel more at ease in your new surroundings.

    Then you have the confidence to…

    …..Taste the creamy stuff that came loaded on top of the omelet

    …..Ride on the speedboat that bumps its way across the Thames

    …..Ask for what you want — IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE

    puis-je le voir dans une autre taille?

    You’ll experience more of what life has to offer!

    So if being more confident and comfortable in your clothes—while away from home— sounds good…


    In this post, I shared all the details on how to have your best vacation style ever!

    Packing Essentials

    Obviously, your best vacation style starts with what you bring from home. Smart packing is key. For my recent trip, I followed my own guidelines on how to pack a travel capsule, but added in one more defining detail — each item must come from my current outfit rotation. In other words, I only brought items I’ve been wearing lately!

    Give yourself plenty of time to pack in advance and think about your outfits — how do you want to look? What kinds of activities will you be doing? What’s the weather going to be? Planning it all out is worth it!

    Be highly selective with what goes inside your suitcase. Instead of giving yourself an abundance of options, pack the right options. Choose only what you’ll want to wear and feel amazing in! 

    These were my main items. I also brought some basic tees and pants.

    In the photo above, you’ll see the primary pieces I brought. Notice how I’ve simplified my color palette? This makes it easier to mix and match your outfits so you get more use of what you bring. By the way, identifying your best colors and simplifying your palette won’t just help your vacation style, it’s incredibly valuable for your everyday wardrobe! (If you want to wear only colors that make you look amazing, book your Style Statement Sessions here. In our time together, I’ll show you not just your best colors, but also the right styles and silhouettes for your body.)

    Shopping For New Items

    Have you ever been captivated by another culture and bought a piece of clothing that perfectly captures everything you love about that place, only to realize when you bring it home that it doesn’t really fit into your regular life? Maybe it wasn’t as extreme as buying a kilt in Scotland, or a sari in India, but token travel purchases have definitely cluttered my wardrobe in the past. That’s why on this trip I was super discerning about what I’d buy. I kept all my “usual” guidelines for how to be a better shopper in place. And I stayed open to receive the unexpected. 

    Ironically, while in London I fell in love with a dress from a French brand. Which was fantastic because once we arrived in Paris, I put on my new dress and felt right in place. (It’s the dress I showed above.)

    For my other purchase I really wanted to get something that was unique to Paris, but being from NYC it’s hard to find brands that don’t have outposts here in the city. I didn’t let that stop me from buying this lively number!

    Just remember that browsing for your best vacation style should be adventurous. It’s about capturing the spirit of your travels and embracing the version of yourself that feels the most alive.

    Remembering Who You Are For Your Best Vacation Style

    Our trip to Paris included a visit with an old friend who I met while living there 30 years ago. She knew me when I was young, fun and free. Seeing her reminded me of who I used to be!

    This didn’t mean that I would hang out with the young party people on the Seine. It meant that I could recapture that part of my essence who lived life to the fullest, and carry this with me wherever I went.

    You don’t have to spend time with an old friend to achieve this. Try remembering a previous vacation and reconnect to how you felt on that trip. Traveling has a way of bringing out our adventurous and open selves, and accessing this energy can help you uncover your true brilliance — the essence of your best vacation style… no matter where you are.

    If your body has changed and you don’t know what looks good anymore, let’s talk. Go here to book a complimentary call and we’ll discuss how to uplevel your style so it suits your next stage of life.

    Where are you planning to travel next? Tell me in the comments below!

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