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Want Effortless Outfits? You Need These 2 Ingredients

    It’s been event-city over here in NYC! Between my son’s high school graduation (woo-hoo!), friend and family gatherings, and a career boosting online stylist presentation…I’ve needed a slew of good outfits to wear!

    And as I’m sure you know, when the schedule gets jam packed, outfit planning in advance doesn’t always make the priority list.

    It didn’t for me. Yet still… everything clicked into place effortlessly when it was time to get dressed for my events. I quickly put together the right outfits that made me feel fabulous!

    Want to know how I did it?

    Keep reading!

    I’m sharing the two key elements that allowed me to easily put together my outfits without a second thought. This will help you have effortless style even if you don’t have the same kind of events that I did on your agenda.

    1. Looking Good

    A major component of effortless style is knowing what looks good on you so it’s a real issue when you don’t have this clarity. About 85% of the women who come to me for styling help are confused about this and it makes sense!

    The styles they used to love don’t work anymore which leaves them with a closet of outdated clothes and a lot of uncertainty about what else to try. (If this is you, checkout the Style Statement Sessions. This service is specifically designed to provide you with a clear understanding of what looks good on you!)

    Since I am dialed in on the styles, silhouettes and colors that flatter my natural features… getting ready is a breeze! Of course, things have changed over the years. My body isn’t the same and my taste has evolved. But I’ve updated my wardrobe to reflect these changes. I only keep clothes that are right for now.

    Outfits With Energy

    When it came time to get ready for my events, I needed outfits to not just make me look good, but also to exude vibrant energy. Especially for my online stylist presentation where I’d be confined to a small box on a computer screen. My outfit needed to help me make a memorable impression which isn’t easy to do online!

    I opted for my bright yellow dress because it has a refreshing sense of enthusiasm. I also layered in personal touches to make it my own look. In addition to adding a combination of unique accessories, I wore the dress backwards!

    Originally it was designed to be worn as a crew neck. But I decided to flip it around and have a v-neck instead. This small tweak made the dress way more flattering!

    Personalizing outfits is all about being creative and making subtle shifts to elevate the overall look — something else I help my clients with!

    The bottom line: knowing what suits you will always make it much easier to get ready. 

    2. Less, but Better Options

    For my presentation outfit, I gave myself three options to choose from. The truth is, there weren’t many more choices in my wardrobe! I wanted to wear a solid color as my office has floral wallpaper. And I had deliberately eliminated all energy-draining colors from my closet a while ago. Having fewer options makes it effortless to get dressed!

    I only wear colors that look amazing on me!

    I know many women with overflowing wardrobes and they spend a lot of time combing through their options to find the right outfit. This turns into a major time-waste and creates a lot of stress.

    Curation is key! By carefully curating your closet, you ensure that each item is intentional and aligns with your body and preferences. 

    The night before my presentation, I thought about my 3 options and quickly decided what to wear. There were no rushed try-ons the day off, and I never regretted my decision. You know that feeling of self consciousness when you wish you had worn something else? It can ruin an occasion! I didn’t have that.

    Effortless Outfits

    The 3 main components of effortless style include wearing what you love, what looks good and what’s right for now. Sometimes what you love doesn’t look good anymore and that can slow you down and make it harder to get dressed. But it can be a challenge to pinpoint the issue.

    You know the outfit no longer works, and something has to change but you’re not sure where to start. That’s the missing piece! It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what exactly needs to be changed. And this is unique to your situation. One of my clients discovered that boho styles now make her look frumpy. And another client had to completely change the silhouette of her pants.

    If you need help discerning the details that need to change so you can look good in your clothes, let’s talk! Go here to book a call and we’ll discuss your current situation and where you’re getting stuck. I’ll help you see what you must update to achieve your style goals.

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