What To Do When Body Shame Brings You Down

What To Do When Body Shame Brings You Down

Let me begin by saying that the body shaming I’m talking about is the kind we do to ourselves, not what others are putting on us. So rather than a bullying type of shame, I’m referring to the negative self talk that goes on inside our brains. You know, that same old story that plays over and over like a broken record in your head that says you’re ugly, or fat, or just not good enough.

The thing with these stories that constantly play in our brains, they run deep; to move through them requires consistent practice. The other thing is it’s easy to get stuck in the story. And more often than not, once you move through one story onto self acceptance, there’s another one waiting to be heard.

In my next video, I talk about this type of body shaming, and share the practice I do to keep from getting sucked into its downward spiral.

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