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How To Keep Your Wild Mind From Making You Too Crazy

    When a wild mind takes over, our focus is compromised, and we lose touch with our present day situation. Here are tips to tame your wild mind for good.

    When a wild mind takes over, our focus is compromised, and we lose touch with our present day situation. Here are tips to tame your wild mind for good.
    Do you suffer from a wild mind? Most of us do. It’s that thing that happens when your thoughts take you allover the place, and you can’t control it.

    You may revisit an old story from the past, and sort through all the possible ways you could have done things differently. Or maybe you head straight to the future, and dwell on the uncertainties. Often these trips led by an unruly mind end up in worry with anxiety following close behind.

    When a wild mind takes over, our focus is compromised. We multitask as a way of life. So as you are reading an email, you’re also listening to your husband, thinking about what to do for dinner later, all the while scrolling through your social feeds. Does this sound familiar?

    And in the race to keep up with a wild mind, we sacrifice something huge…our present day situation. When we’re not showing up for our present, we’re missing out on life, in real time!

    While a sharp mind and witty demeanor may serve you well in life, too often this mind centered approach can keep you stuck in your head, completely disconnected from the rest of who you are (and those around you!).

    One example is when we’re working out. Though we’re physically at the gym (or on the running path or in the barre class), our minds go somewhere else…far, far away from where our bodies are doing the work. So not only do we miss out on life as it’s happening, we’re not getting a great workout!

    How can we be our best when the mind drags us away from what we’re doing? It’s tough. And that’s why we need to practice gaining control over our wild minds. This is how we become more present in our lives, and get better results from our efforts.

    So, the practice…

    You may be thinking I hope you’re not going to tell me to meditate or breathe because I have way too much to do, and sitting to watch my breath just isn’t going to happen.

    Well, you’re in luck! I’m not going to preach seated meditation (right now ? ), I’m going to push moving meditation because it’s something you can insert into your regular exercise routine, and pretty much whatever you’re doing in your day.

    It all comes to the breath (you knew it!). But not in a let’s-count-our-inhales-and-exhales-to-ten-kind-of-way. It’s more about tuning in, and using your breath to connect to the present moment. So if you’re in your exercise routine, the goal is to keep your awareness around your breath so you can focus better on the activity you’re doing. This will not only enhance your performance, it will help you stay injury free since you’re paying more attention to your body (and alignment).

    The best part of this practice….you can do it anywhere, and with any routine. It doesn’t even have to be about exercise. Try focusing on your breath when washing the dishes. (This is a big one in the movement meditation world…they love to talk about the sound of the water and the warm water touching your hands.) Or in the shower (again with the warm water and sounds). You could also do it when you’re walking the dog or cooking.

    So to start controlling your wild mind, start tuning into your breath, and bring a more mindful approach to everything you do in life.

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    1. Thanks for this Elysha, this is a really nice (and not difficult which I really appreciate!) way to tame my crazy wild mind and help keep me present and grounded 🙂

      Julia // The Sunday Mode

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