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What To Wear To A Party

    Make outfit sparkle text overlay sequin doc martins.

    If you’re wondering what to wear to a party and you’re sick of your same old outfits, have you ever considered adding sequins and metallics to your look?

    They’re neutral and pair well with pretty much everything. Plus the shiny finish adds extra texture which is huge when you want to mix things up, but don’t like combining prints or patterns.

    statement party outfits text overlay image of brown sequins

    The main reason I love wearing sequins and metallics is to feel like a superstar. The high-shine brings instant glam to my outfit along with an attitude of Hey! Look at me—I’ve got something incredible going on!

    If you’re not used to drawing attention to yourself, showing up in a Beyoncé-style bodysuit may be a bit much. 

    I do, however, encourage you to try it just once. Not necessarily a bodysuit, but a head to toe shining look. 

    It’s powerful!

    Imagine having the rock star confidence that you not only belong in every situation, you’re in demand! People want to be around you because you’re exciting.

    You bring joy into the world. 

    And if this confidence doesn’t light up every room you enter, your bright and shiny outfit will.

    Keep reading for 5 head to toe shining looks made up of sequins and metallics. They’re perfect for when you’re ready to roll into the party like a superstar. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for the shopping look-book!

    But first, watch the video for 3 unexpected ways to wear a multicolor sequin skirt. It’ll get you thinking differently about wearing shiny clothes.

    What To Wear To A Party: Sparkly Outfit Ideas


    Image of metallic shorts, metallic animal print blazer, metallic earrings and metallic boots.

    Try a rocker chic vibe with shiny shorts and blazer. Add a pair of tights to protect your legs from the cold.


    Image of metallic pants, metallic duster, metallic pointy toe flats.

    Love the sporty glam that comes together with this look. Perhaps a pair of pimped out sneakers instead of the flats.


    Image of metallic jacket, metallic jumpsuit, metallic drawstring handbag

    For the one and done lovers, a jumpsuit is always the answer. Complete the look with the moto-sparkle jacket and bag.


    Image of metallic cowboy boots, metallic animal print skirt, metallic blouse.

    A little bit elegant, a little bit cowgirl. Nothing wrong with mixing your vibes as shown in the above outfit.


    Image of metallic pants, metallic blouse, pendant necklace.

    Classic with a twist in the mock turtleneck top and pendant necklace. Love how the sequin pants are a bit extra with the built in animal print.

    Make outfit sparkle text overlay sequin doc martins.

    Still wondering what to wear to a party? Click here to see the full look book. I’ve rounded up some sparkly items to elevate your outfit.

    Take the free style quiz to discover your on-camera style. It’ll help you tap into your IT FACTOR so you align your outfits with your natural charms.

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    1. just finished webinar. thank you. I am always learning something and today I learned that since I felt great on Sunday for church I should wear it for a pre Christmas get together tonight. Uh, no! Respectful nice works for church and not for a fun party. I am thinking about how I want to be at a fun evening. So I learned that a style word doesn’t fit every occasion even if it is a good word just like my go to graphic tee doesn’t really work for church! bonus!!!

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