What’s Fun at NYFW

What’s Fun at NYFW

The fashion industry is serious stuff.  Sure, it often calls on a world of fantasy to realize its vision.  But in reality — it’s pretty uptight.  I find it way more entertaining to indulge in the lighter moments on the catwalk (those that don’t include traipsing models channeling a sulk-fest).  Obviously, it is all about the clothes — so for a more thorough runway report head over to style.com.  If you’re seeking a little bit of fashion-y fun — then stay right here!

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson continues to lead the fash-pack of fun at NYFW.   And now that her label has expanded into active wear — her show just got a lot more….active!

Betsey Johnson

Yes, that was an aerobics class she led on the catwalk!

Betsey Johnson

And of course there was her biennial cartwheel to splits finale.  The perfect finish for going gangbusters on the runway!

Anna Sui

Anna Sui went for a sixties french pop number to start off her show.

I’ll always hold a soft spot for cute choreography. (Skip to 20 secs to see the model-ish dance moves above!)

Oh, and though I’m not a fan of Chloe Sevigny (such a sour puss!),  I’ll get behind her message here.

What moments did you find the most fun at NYFW this season?


  1. hproducer@aol.com' helen says:

    Thanks for sharing the above! I especially enjoyed watching the little ‘choreography’ piece you mentioned and enjoyed seeing that those beautiful and ‘perfect’ models were not dancers after all – there was some raw humanity there and it was awesome. See you on the dance floor soon enough where we will feel the groove and JUST MOVE!

  2. Helen, Thank you for pointing this out! I myself (and probably a lot of others) got caught up in the perfection of these models, and didn’t even notice how human they actually are. In second glance — you are 100% right – these girls are not dancers at all! xoxo

  3. jen.ostrander@yahoo.com' JennyO says:

    My daughter LOVES Betsy Johnson, I can’t help but love this new line…. lol I’ll get behind the message too, not too much of a protest is it? πŸ˜‰

  4. asuma0515@gmail.com' Asuma says:

    Betsy Johnson is so fun πŸ˜€

  5. Her fall collection looks amazing! It’d be so fun to exercise in those clothes!!

  6. palominogirl72@hotmail.com' palomino72 says:

    I adore Betsy Johnson and wish I could have some of her clothes, as for sour puss ~ Im behind her message too !

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