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What’s My Style Now That My Body Changed?

    I hear from a lot of women whose bodies have changed and they don’t know how to dress for their new shape. Whether they gained weight and they hate how their clothes fit, or they lost weight and they’re unsure about what styles will suit them… it’s a challenging situation! They’re uncomfortable and uncertain about what to wear and always asking “What’s my style when nothing feels good?!”

    But here’s the deal, women’s bodies change all the time. They have kids. They get older. They stay home and find themselves in the kitchen more often than usual.

    The changing body is normal.

    It’s when you fight the change that it becomes a problem. Then you get stuck. You try to wear your old clothes in your old ways and it doesn’t work anymore. Or you default to wearing comfortable but uninspired outfits like leggings every day even though you don’t want to. This leaves you feeling unhappy with your appearance.

    To feel comfortable in your clothes and know that you look good, even when your body has changed, you must adapt. This doesn’t mean give up on your weight loss goals, if you have them. It means you must find a way to be happy with how you look now. 

    Click play to watch the video where I explain how to adapt your style to accommodate your changed body so you don’t have to wonder, what’s my style. But instead you feel confident in your clothes.

    And keep reading for the 3 steps to adapt your style to accommodate your changed body

    1. Let Go

    If your body changed, it’s time to let go of the clothes that no longer fit. There’s no need to hold onto things that make you feel bad whenever you see them. Especially if they serve as a reminder of what no longer suits you.

    In addition to letting go of the physical garments in your wardrobe, also consider letting go of the “SHOULDs” that have been holding you back. These are the expectations you’ve put on yourself about how you SHOULD look, whether it’s influenced by others or by your own beliefs. Comparison and perfectionism are heavy burdens to carry, and also unattainable.

    2. Accept

    Letting go and acceptance are closely connected. When you accept something it becomes easier to let go of it. And letting go can also help you accept things. I had a client who was frustrated because her pants were tight. She didn’t want to buy an entire pants wardrobe. Understandably. But she needed a solution for feeling better in her clothes immediately. If she didn’t accept her situation, she’d never feel better. She’d stay stuck in resistance. It’s hard to move forward when you’re resisting. 

    To better accept her current body, I guided her to come up with three words that reflected how she wanted to feel when getting dressed each day. I call these words the “North Star.” When choosing her clothes, she focused on selecting items that aligned with her North Star, or desired feelings, which allowed her to stay positive and focused on what she wanted to feel, rather than dwelling on the negative feelings that her tight pants brought up.

    Once you let go of your idea of how you SHOULD look and accept your current body, you’re ready to begin again.

    3. Open Up To Possibilities

    Now you want to move on and figure out what will work best for your changed body. Ideally, you’ll come up with a few fresh outfit formulas that flatter. For one of my clients who gained weight in her stomach, we introduced her to high waist pants. She loved how it felt to have the fabric over her belly, like a protective shield. This also eliminated her muffin top. 

    There’s plenty of styling tricks to downplay specific body parts while highlighting other areas that you still like. Look outside yourself for inspiration. While I always appreciate a woman who knows what’s not for her, I see how this creates a block from trying something different. It leads to rejecting an idea without fully exploring it as an option. The best outfits often come together from the unexpected!

    What’s My Style?

    If you’re wondering “What’s my style?” because your body changed start by letting go of both the physical and emotional baggage that’s weighing you down. Then get more comfortable with your current body so you feel happy about how you look. Finally, open yourself up to new possibilities for your updated style. Experiment with fresh ideas and notice which ones feel best on your new shape.

    Still unsure what to wear?

    2 thoughts on “What’s My Style Now That My Body Changed?”

    1. This is a great post and perfect for how I have been feeling lately! Thank you

    2. Good advice. Having been on a weight loss journey, I would like to share a couple of ideas. We all want to look the best we can while changing which motivates sticking to a weight loss plan. As my body changed, I didn’t want to invest in clothes until I reached my goal. So, I did was shop my own closet. Some blouses/ tops were used as a jacket. For some items, I used a belt. For other items, it was cheaper to get an alteration. Some clothes, I consigned to pay to for better fitting items. (No more fat clothes. I’m not going to return to my previous weight!). Finally, I shopped thrift clothes to fill in some pieces. Yes, I know some folks don’t like delicately used clothing, but it helped me adapt to my changing weight while staying in a budget. Now that I have reached my weight loss goals, I have money to invest in my new body size clothing.
      Thank you for encouraging women to be their best regardless of size!

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