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What Should I Wear To Look More Stylish

    What to wear to look more chic text overlay image of woman wearing blue lace dress.

    If you ever wonder what should I wear to look more stylish, this is what to know: Everyone has their own idea of what looking stylish is. So if someone says wear this motorcycle jacket, or wear this double breasted blazer, that’s not necessarily going to work if you don’t think either of those items are stylish.

    What to wear to look more stylish text overlay image of women wearing blue dress.

    Looking stylish means staying true to YOUR version of style. AND understanding how to incorporate new ideas to look current and feel fresh.

    Last week in my facebook group (if you haven’t already joined the closet shopping facebook group, do that now by clicking here) we looked at a bunch of fall trends. I’d share one trend, and 10 varying view points were expressed. I loved seeing all the different opinions!

    But here’s the thing:

    Sometimes we say no to an idea before we’ve tried it.

    One way I help my clients is by expanding their vision of what they think they can wear. I give them new ideas to try, and often these are things they had never before considered!

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    So while I always appreciate a woman who knows what’s not for her, I love it when she’s willing to try something that she never considered. Because this is how she stretches her style and starts standing out to others.

    Before you say no to that fresh idea, here’s 3 ways to see if it’s something you should try. Go through this line of questions to determine if that trend or garment could be right for you.

    1. Does it intrigue you?

    I find that women can be quick to say no to something they’re not used to. It’s like my kids with food. If I say, hey do you like cornish hen? They’ll say no before they’ve even tried it. But if I said, hey do you like chocolate curry. They will be more open to try. Are there elements in the style or trend that get you curious, or even excited? If not, don’t bother with it. If yes, move on to the next question. 

    2. Does it suit you?

    Again, women are quick to note when items won’t work for them. “Oh, I could never do that”, a woman told me about tucking her top in. And it could be true. Tucking the top in may not be suitable for everybody. But I recently worked with a woman who never tucked her top in because she thought it didn’t suit her. She thought her stomach was too large. But she was wrong. Once she saw the difference in how she looked with her top tucked in, she knew it was a style that actually made her look better. So before you say no, try it and see for yourself if it suits you.

    In this situation I recommend taking a selfie as it’s helpful to have the distance placed between you and the outfit. Look at the picture as an outsider and then determine if it actually suits you or not.

    3. Does it elevate your style?

    By this point you’ve already determined that you’re intrigued by the item or style. You know that it suits you. Now it’s time to determine if it actually makes you look good. And the way you do this is to see how it makes you feel. Now, don’t get alarmed if you feel a little uncomfortable. You need to be sure that the discomfort isn’t a fit or fabric issue, but instead it’s coming from the sensation of trying something new. If it’s not like anything you’ve worn before, it will feel different. But does it elevate you? Think of your north star words (these are the words that define your style based on how you want to look and feel), do they feel aligned? If no, then it’s not right. If yes, you’ve successfully updated your style with a fresh idea. 

    In the video below, I show you how to go through this line of questions by demonstrating with a garment that was completely different from anything I would wear. Click play to watch it now and see how to expand your style. 

    So to answer the question, what should I wear to look more stylish, you need to stay true to yourself, be open to new ideas and try things on that you never before considered. 

    If you’re not sure how to determine if something is right for you, or you’re stuck finding fresh ideas, I can help! Book a complimentary clarity call and we’ll discuss how to get you into more stylish clothes so you look current and feel fresh. Click here to book your call.

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