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Fall 2020 Trends You’ll Actually Wear (In A Pandemic)

    It’s a little interesting to talk about fall 2020 trends in fashion when people aren’t really concerned with dressing up. Normally, autumn is the season of getting back into our real clothes. After sweltering in the heat and humidity for 3 months, the layers of coziness usually feel like such a relief. But now it seems so uncertain. 

    The best fashion trends for now text overlay image of mannequin wearing a mask.

    To match the circumstances of the season, I’ve rounded up my favorite trends that work for you whether you’re out and about OR only on zoom. Because even if you’re staying home, you still need to get dressed. Why not have fun and reflect the times in your fashion choices?

    Click play to watch the video to see my favorite fall 2020 trends, and I also show how you can make these trends work with items in already in your closet.

    Here are the easiest fall 2020 trends to wear now.

    Statement Collars

    Runway styles showing statement collars from Bottega Veneta, Victoria Beckham and Chloe

    Perfect for your video calls, the statement collar will show others that you know what’s up. Take the opportunity to introduce fun colors and contrasts if you want to show personality. What I love most about this trend is that it frames the face in a fashionable way. And if you don’t already own a statement collar, get one that’s removable! Such a fun way to update your old sweaters with a fresh feel.

    Victorian Necklines

    Runway styles showing Victorian necklines from Tory Birch, Zimmerman and Khaite.

    Another beautiful option for your video call, the ruffles and high collars from the Victorian era showcase stylish modesty—a favorite of mine! Perhaps, a nod to the huge success of the film Little Women, this trend is perfect to add a bit of romanticism or femininity to your look. Just be sure to balance the vintage vibe of the style by brining in more modern shapes and silhouettes.

    Strong Shoulders

    Runway styles showing strong shoulders from Rodarte, Dries Van Noten and Balenciaga.

    The strong shoulder is reminiscent of the 80s, yet this season it branched out to include volume anywhere on your sleeves. This is a great trend for women who carry most of their weight on the bottom as it will draw attention to your upper body. It’ll also help you stand out on your video calls.


    Runway styles showing fringe from Ferragamo, Prada and Gabriela Hearst.

    The roaring 20s were all about fringe with the flapper dresses, and the modern day 2020 is looking similar. But rather than focus on the statement of fringe — as it is with western attire, try adding the movement oriented accent as a fun finish to your garment. Look for earrings, scarves and fringe-lined hems on sweaters and jackets.

    Colored Leather

    Runway styles showing colored leather from Coach, Lanvin and Ulla Johnson.

    Colored leather is fun and edgy at once. But if you’re not ready to go full-on, like wearing a pair of red leather shorts, start small. Gloves, shoes, handbags and jackets are a great way to switch away from black. But if you want something that’ll make an impact while you’re at home, a yellow leather headband may do the trick.

    Click the image below to see some shopping options that represent the fall 2020 trends in fashion!

    Shopping options for fall 2020 trends in fashion.

    If you’re feeling outdated, here’s how to reinvent your style.

    And if you’re ready to get into your most flattering clothes, no matter what the trends are, I can help! Book a complimentary call, and we’ll discuss what your style needs so you look and feel your best all the time –>>

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