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Look Polished And Feel Comfortable While Working From Home

    I’m seeing a lot of requests from women who want to look polished and feel comfortable in their work from home outfits. This is exciting because it shows that they’re ready to be more thoughtful with their clothing choices despite the fact they’re not going anywhere.

    Work from home outfit ideas text over image of woman's face.

    Spending a few extra minutes to put together an outfit (as opposed to throwing on the first tee shirt and leggings that you see) sets you up well for the day. You’ll feel more focused and productive on your tasks, and you’ll get a sense of accomplishment that lasts. When you put together a good outfit you can check that off your to-do list, and move on!

    Click play to watch the video below for stylish and comfortable outfit ideas to work from home in.

    Since creating stylish and comfortable outfits may not come natural to you, I’m sharing some style tips to help make it easier.

    Here are two main guidelines to follow:

    1. Wear only comfortable fabrics.

    That means nothing too stiff or constricting. If you feel like you need to take off the garment right away, it’s not a comfortable fabric. Look for knits, cottons, and silks.

    2. Complete every look with at least three elements.

    This is a basic principle for creating complete outfits. Accessories, prints and bold colors all count as elements so you don’t need a jacket or sweater for every look. (Click here to read about completing your outfits with a final piece.)

    Once you’ve got those two guidelines covered, there’s room to experiment and try out different ideas.

    Create A Comfy Stylish Balance

    Clothing items: top, cardigan, pants and headband shown on white background.

    Here’s an easy formula so you look polished and feel comfortable as you work from home. Take one comfort item + one professional item + two more elements.

    In the photo above, I chose a knit blazer and head band as the two more elements. The idea is to create balance by wearing items in opposition (think sporty chic) then polish it off with a clean finish.

    Wear your sweats or leggings if you like, but pair them with a work blouse and add two more pieces.

    Dress Classic With A Twist

    Clothing items: black pants, top, earrings, scarf and cardigan shown on white background.

    Another formula to use for your stylish and comfortable work from home outfit is this: a column of color topped off with a pop of interest. Black is always a classic and it looks pulled together. A soft color pop on the third piece adds a little twist. And elegant accessories will provide the perfect contrast to the comfortable fabrics which keep it feeling fresh.

    Look Polished In Monochrome

    Clothing items of monochromatic outfit shown on white background.

    The monochromatic technique is one of my favorites. It instantly pulls disparate items into a cohesive look. The key here is to remember that you don’t have to wear the same exact color. Varying shades in one tone will give you the monotone effect. In fact, it’s even more interesting when the colors are slightly different. To add texture, mix in small prints and patterns for extra dimension.

    Keep It Simple With The One And Done

    Clothing items of shirt dress, cardigan sweater and accessories shown on white background.

    And lastly, there’s the one and done approach to creating a stylish and comfortable work from home outfit — a dress! I love the shirt dress for it’s office-friendly collar which looks great on your video calls. Also, 3/4 sleeves is a comfy touch without the rolling up your sleeves bunch.

    Experiment with these suggestions to create a nice capsule of stylish and comfortable work from home outfit ideas.

    Here’s some shopping suggestions to help! Click here to visit the lookbook of my recommendations of work from home clothing items.

    If you hate shopping, you’re feeling stuck and you have no idea what styles work best for you— I can help! Book a complimentary style clarity call and we’ll discuss what your style needs so you always look polished and feel pulled together while working from home and in the rest of your life. Click here to book your call now!

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