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When Passion Becomes

    Their stories left me AWEstruck. Teetering between —  how did they do that?  To —  I want to do that!  Then finally landing on — Thank goodness they did do that!  By following their souls into full expression they’ve shown us how the human spirit is conditioned to not only rise, but THRIVE!

    Kris Carr


    I can’t believe I was so late to the Crazy Sexy Cancer party — Kris Carr’s passion is highly contagious! When diagnosed with a rare cancer, doctors told her she only had 10 years left. She then began to spread the fever…for healthy and vibrant living!  Yes, it’s pretty crazy how Kris Carr made cancer sexy. Amazing actually.

    Cheryl Strayed


    After reading Wild, I wanted to go live in the woods. Seriously, I wanted to strip out of my comfort zone, leave everything I knew to discover the real me. Like she did. I remember telling DH of my plan. He laughed. “You hate camping, ” he reminded me. True. But there’s something about seeking in the wild that seemed right up my alley. I have a feeling many more will relate after we watch Reese Witherspoon fulfill the role on the big screen.

    Diana Nyad


    I think I was living under a rock when she completed the marathon swim from Cuba to FLA because I barely remember any of the details. It wasn’t until I saw the interview with Oprah that I got locked in. This woman knows no limits. In fact, her ability to succumb to so much suffering made me uncomfortable while watching The Other Shore. When she says “Find A Way”,  she clearly doesn’t mean the path of least resistance.  Her strength and resilience is so beyond…

    Deborah Cohan

    There are so many awesome parts to this story. First off, I’ll get behind any dance party. Period.  But the circumstances around this particular flash mob make it even more phenomenal. How could her surgery not be a success with this type of Pre-Op? For Dr. Cohan to let herself go so deeply into her body creating a state of pure joy and FUN, she embodied her soul in motion.  On her website she asked that everyone send videos of themselves dancing it up to Get Me Bodied as part of her recovery.  I’m so doing this.

    Alex Owens

    I was obsessed with Flashdance in elementary school. It’s what led me to everything-off-the-shoulder, and the PERM. Recently, an old friend sent the link to the final dance. It still moved me. This time it wasn’t the 80’s hair and fashion that did it.  It’s the song, Take Your Passion And Make It Happen.

    Who totally inspires you?

    7 thoughts on “When Passion Becomes”

    1. SirenaTales

      Fanatastic post, TT–thank you very much for the inspiration this morning as I (try to) pump myself back up for the long drive to my 4 hour rehearsal after last night’s show and dress rehearsal. Seems like very small potatoes after reading your lovely piece. What incredible people. I haven’t made a video yet, but I did dedicate some dancing in the class I taught last week after my daughter sent me the astonishing Deborah Cohan video. Maybe you and I should post our videos on our blogs, as well :). Have a fabulous day, TT. Xoxo

    2. Terrific! I especially loved Dr. Cohan’s spirit and those who danced with her; I wish I knew her full story.

    3. I don’t know her full story either. But her dance party sure says a lot about who she is! Thanks for commenting, Theresa!

    4. I love that you dedicated some dancing in your class to Deborah Cohan! Wouldn’t it be cool if we could edit our dances together & send to her? xoxo

    5. SirenaTales

      Sorry for delay–have you made a dance video? I am still trying to figure out how to do this, but agree it would be cool to edit ours together. I cannot tell whether I can swing having my class do something….Also, unrelated, I thought of you when i just saw an article about Aerial Yoga now being offered in my area. Have you tried this? Maybe you have already written about it…anyway, thought of you immediately, TT. Hope you are having a terrific weekend! xoxo

    6. Hi ST, Thanks for checking in. I have not yet made it to an aerial yoga class. It’s still on my list so hopefully you’ll get to read about it here soon enough! Re: the video, I haven’t yet done it either. I was thinking I’d get my kids to jump in with me to up the cute factor by having their little bodies Get Me Bodied! xoxo

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