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Would You Rather….

    DO  IT


    BE  IT

    **I am a DO-er practicing BE-ing

    What about you?

    8 thoughts on “Would You Rather….”

    1. applejack

      I’d rather Be It any time. Hence my name, Human Being… not Human Doing. I’ll always practice being above doing as when I do, my Actions are Always naturally and organically Consistent with who I’m Being.

      “When nothing is done,
      nothing is left undone.”
      – Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

      Thank you for asking this. And thank you for your answer. I hope you will honor all answers, as this is an important inquiry for all to engage in.

    2. That’s a really good point, AppleJack. When you’re in your BEing, your DOing is naturally aligned. What an ideal way to both BE and Do. Thank you!

    3. My focus is on Being me. Although sometimes that involves Doing what I feel is right for me.

    4. Txyogi, Thanks for contributing here. It’s good when the DOing helps strengthen the BEing. Do you meditate? Your comment got me thinking about DOing, or practicing meditation which could be a DO focused on the BEing.

    5. Yes, I do meditate. It, along with yoga, is one of my essential Doings.

    6. Ah yes, Yoga– another DO (& one of my favorites!) that’s centered around the BE. Here’s to healthy DOing! Have a great day.

    7. Theresa, It seems you and I both had BEing on the mind! Thank you for sharing your thoughtful post. I think a lot of women struggle with saying NO hence the over-DOing. I still believe there’s a way to incorporate the right amount of DOing into our BEing.

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