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Why You Need To Hold Off On Your 2016 Plans

    Why You Need To Hold Off On Your New Years Plans | | photo by Guy Bourdin

    While most of the world is ready to move forward with their big ideas and life changing plans, the universe had something else in mind when it scheduled Mercury to go retrograde on the 5th. So what does this mean for the all those plans? Wait.

    Think of these next few weeks as your reset. It’s an opportune time to clear out old things making space for the new. But the key is to create space without rushing to fill it up.

    By taking this opportunity to get super clear about where you want to go, and what you want to do, you’re allowing yourself TO BE with your goals, plans and dreams before taking action. Think of it as an exercise in aligning your intentions.

    I found this old post on resetting from a couple years ago. Because the way I see it — hitting the reset button is always relevant.

    The Reset Button

    Integration. Assimilation. Celebration.

    It doesn’t matter what you call it — the last stage of any action (particularly personal growth!) must have time to pause.

    In yoga, it’s Savasana. Though it looks like we’re not doing anything – it’s the culmination of the entire practice. The mind, body + soul need time to absorb, relax, and reset.

    Then we can begin again.

    When do you hit the reset button?

    (Photo: Guy Bourdin)

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    10 thoughts on “Why You Need To Hold Off On Your 2016 Plans”

    1. I love creating spaces. I always say it – in teaching, to friends, everyone at everywhere! It’s a good practice of letting go… and that is what Savasana is, too! xo

    2. It’s such a good practice of letting go which is so helpful for anyone looking to move forward. Shed those layers!! Thank you, Maia! x x o o

    3. Elysha, I knew this. I did, yet still I expected things to just go ahead, even through a dark moon Mercury retrograde. Come on! I gave up today 🙂

    4. Oddly enough, I’m fine with the new year slowdown. I even did yin yoga yesterday! I wonder if it’s because mercury is retrograding in my 12th house…might make for a more accommodating placement to slow down. Glad to know you’re giving into the flow. x x

    5. Ah, yes 🙂 I don’t have peaceful astrology at ALL and it’s not helping! Uranus went forward directly on my aries ascendant, squaring my capricorn midheaven (10th house), and then the mercury retrograde was right on my midheaven as well. All I can think about is work!

    6. So it’s time to reassess work? I guess with Uranus squaring your ascendant you can never really be sure what will hit you. ????

    7. Yes, well, my job finished when the school term ended and I have been waiting for the outcome of a particular application that I felt confident about…and nothing! So yesterday I just decided to stop fretting and just do what was in front of me to do. Which is plenty – the kids are on their summer holidays and I am in the last 2 weeks of semester.

    8. Well, we all know mercury retro will definitely bring delays + mix ups which can be really annoying. Doing what’s in front of you sounds like a good solution. And then hopefully you will hear back, or have a lead on something else.

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