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You Don’t Need Lots Of Cash To Be More Generous: Here’s How To Do It Now

    It was probably Oprah who first introduced me to this idea of living a rich life no matter what my finances looked life.
    So when I fully grasped this concept, I realized that my business doesn’t determine my wealth…it’s my ability to bring more meaning into my moments. I’m in charge of adding value to my life. And one way I do this is with generosity.

    To be generous means to shift your attention off of yourself to do good for another…even more than what was expected.
    Though donating money is always awesome, there are other ways to give. In fact, since I’ve started this little generosity practice — well after the season of giving — I’m finding there’s always an opportunity to offer up a little more.

    4 Ways To Be Generous That Don’t Involve Money:

    1. Give Your Time
    Anybody who really knows me can easily attest that I can get a little (okay, a lot!) stingy with my time. So this one is a pretty big challenge for someone who feels time-challenged like myself. I start with the little things… like actually stopping (as in holding my feet in place) when someone asks me which way to Essex Street. Or quietly listening (without trying to multi-task) when DH tells me his (drawn-out) story about the way it works with getting a platinum record in the digital download age. Though I may feel rushed trying to catch the next train, or pressured that I need to be taking care of something (the lunches for tomorrow, cleaning up the kitchen)– what I’m doing can wait while I give my time to someone else. At least for a few minutes.

    2. Give Your Attention
    Okay, this is Part B to the above. Yes, I can totally stop what I’m doing for someone else, but it’s worthless if I’m not giving my attention. I get zillions of opportunities to practice this one each day with the kids. They’re always calling for me, and I find it’s much easier to give them attention when my own needs have been met.

    3. Give Your Energy
    This is a cinch for a high energy girl like myself. Hold the door for someone. Help the mom with her stroller up the subway steps. Pick up that thing someone dropped on the ground. Exert a little effort…for someone else.

    4. Give Your Affection
    Whether it’s a compliment on your friends new winter coat, or a huge hug to your husband — do it because you can. And because you love them.

    What opportunities do you find to be generous?

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    6 thoughts on “You Don’t Need Lots Of Cash To Be More Generous: Here’s How To Do It Now”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      I’m positive that you are right on target with your 4 ways to be generous! Those guidelines will work 100% of the time! As a former teacher I know that EQUAL to children needing food, clothing and shelter is their need for full undivided attention from adults. We will all have successful generosity following your steps. I will try to practice them immediately.

    2. Hi, Terry. I agree — they are simple truths, and sometimes all we need is a little reminder to push us towards action. Thanks so much!

    3. HI Elysha, you have some beautiful ways of sharing your generous spirit. Money is good of course, but attention, time and effort is better. Thank you for the reminder xo

    4. Thanks, Sara. In a way – money is easier to give…because it usually doesn’t require attention, time or effort. I know, for me, if I give money I could easily feel I don’t have to give the others…which of course is not the case. x x

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