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Snow Boots You’ll Want To Wear When It’s Not Snowing

    When living in these parts, you know — the areas frequented by nor’easters so often known by their first name (Nemo!), buying snow boots is a non-negotiable. I imagine it’s similar to being a house owner and having to replace your roof — unexciting, but necessary.

    The last pair I bought — Sorel duck boots — was in 1994. These sturdy suckers have seen over 2 decades of snowstorms so it was a bit of a disappointment when I went to put them on and they were too tight. Somehow my foot has grown since last year!

    Finding a cute and practical pair of snow boots has been my mission for the past couple weeks. I’ve search online, and around the city, and now I share my top picks.

    Sorel Conquest Carly
    Sorel Conquest Carly

    It was a no-brainer that after owning the same pair of Sorels for over 20 years (which are still in great condition) my first stop was their shop. When I popped by I was delighted to see their duck boot has evolved. Back in ’94 it was either round toe or pointed– those were the choices. Oh, they also had a low version and less low version. Now there are walls of options! I tried these, and was immediately intrigued. With the cute little heel they’re elevated above your typical snow boot. They look awesome with leggings (I was wearing my yoga pants that day). One issue — they’re not technically snow boots, they’re more of a rain gear item. Hmmm…

    Isabel Marant Nowles Fur-Lined Hidden Wedge Snow Boot, Black
    Isabel Marant
    Nowles Fur-Lined Hidden Wedge Snow Boot, Black

    If money was no object… these would be it. #EnoughSaid.

    Tecnica Moon Boot Queen Silver Metal
    Tecnica Moon Boot Queen Silver Metal

    These remind me of what I wore when I was a kid. I loved my moon boots! I had them in navy, but silver is fab too…like a chunky version of what Barbarella would’ve done.

    Pajar Women's Cynthia Boot
    Pajar Women’s Cynthia Boot

    These look practical and they’re cute. I can totally see myself tromping up an 8 foot snow mountain (not a real one– the kind that pile up along the sidewalk after the street was plowed), and coming down the other side with my feet still dry and warm.

    Hunter Original
    Hunter Original

    It doesn’t get anymore classic than this. Already tried and true for the rain, to prep for the snow, I’d buy a boot sock like these which are perfect and on sale.

    What kind of snow boots do you wear?
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    6 thoughts on “Snow Boots You’ll Want To Wear When It’s Not Snowing”

    1. Love my Sorels! They’re so warm and are a real comfort when I’m out in the barn teaching Horseback Yoga. But the ones you posted – oh so cute!!! Love the tall length and the cute little heel!

    2. You had me until the Moon Boots. Those will always remind me of Stephen Arzuaga in grade school. 🙂

    3. Wow, horseback yoga?!?! I’ve never heard of this before…my dad lives on a farm with horses so it’s potentially something I could one day try!

    4. So funny! Yes they were huge back in grade school, but they are having a major comeback right now!

    5. It’s basically just me taking one of my clients through breath work, touch and mental connection with her horse…developing trust between her and her horse. It’s been amazing to see the transformation in their relationship 🙂

    6. Sounds amazing. One thing that’s so special about horseback riding is that the horse is alive…so the connection between rider and horse is so important. Love the idea of using yoga to help bridge that connection.

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