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3 Podcasts To Inform, Inspire and Entertain

    3 Podcasts To Inform, Inspire and Entertain | | Mind Body Soul Stylist

    3 Podcasts To Inform, Inspire and Entertain | | Mind Body Soul StylistLooking to ramp up my meditation practice last year, I tuned into audio meditations most nights before falling asleep. The effortlessness of hitting play, lying in bed, and receiving the information was ideal – particularly for yoga nidra (the yoga of sleep) which is what I was into at the time.

    Nowadays, I still love the convenience of listening to my information and / or entertainment, and often pop on a podcast during my commute or cooking dinner.  For the past month, these three have been in constant rotation.

    3 Podcasts You’ll Be Glad You Listened To

    The Daily

    This podcast that’s 15 minutes of news, 5 days a week is perfect for people who want to be informed about what’s going on, but don’t want to obsess over every single headline, or tweet. Hosted by Michael Barbaro from the New York Times, each episode is formatted like a news show that goes in depth on a couple issues. Mostly, it’s about politics though he did have on Barry Jenkins from Moonlight. Another story I liked was on a Syrian refugee kid who lost both his parents. When he finally got clearance to come to the US, the travel ban hit. To hear the personal story of this boy, and what the world looks like from his eyes is exactly what more people need to do right now. (PS: He made it here, and is now living in Texas.)

    How I Built This

    From NPR, hosted by Guy Raz, this show features innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists, and the inspiring stories of how they turned big ideas into big businesses. Some of the guests have written books (Richard Branson) so listening to this podcast is like getting the cliff notes version in 30 minutes. I love learning how their determination led to bold moves – such as asking a potential buyer to come to the bathroom to show how the product works (Spanx). These pioneers pave the way  for people seeking to create their own paths, and this podcast is a great listen for anyone looking to do the same.

    WTF With Marc Maron

    I’ll confess that I usually skip ahead the first few minutes of this one because I find Marc’s voice to be a bit jarring when I first tune in. (I do love his greeting though!) This podcast is pretty celebrity oriented – he get’s everyone including Obama. But it’s his ability to speak so candidly with his guests that makes each episode so juicy. I especially loved the one with Kristen Wiig where she got a little spiritual and contemplative. Since I’m due to catch up with WTF, I’ll probably listen to Will Arnett, Eugene Levy or Jennifer Coolidge next.

    What about you? Which podcasts are you listening to right now?

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    1. Before I go to bed, I either do a guided meditation or listen to a short Abraham Hicks clip. Both get me headed away from the day and into more ethereal things:).

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