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Can We Just Be?

    Photo of Marilyn Monroe by: Andres De Dienes
    Photo of Marilyn Monroe by: Andres De Dienes

    Early this am, my eyes got stuck on these lovely words —  be with the motion. 
    (Oh and a little later I came across this amazing image of Marilyn Monroe from 1947!)

    As an avid subscriber to an on-the-go lifestyle, this powerful phrase makes so much sense  — it’s zen in action!

    This week, I’ve committed to a slower pace of living and finding the ability to just BE (day 2 of the juice cleanse!).
    So I’ll take all the zen I can, even if there’s not much motion these days.

    My at-home yoga practice which usually turns out a heavy dose of vinyasa (sometimes mixed up with groovy dance moves for fun) slowed way down to an almost static state.  It was about holding it…..and breathing.  And it wasn’t easy!  My mind wanted to wander.  I’d forget to breathe.  And mostly, I wanted to keep moving.  But instead I stayed with it.  There were a lot of downward dogs that my shoulders and neck needed.  There were long lengths of warrior 1 and 2 (so painful!).  And there was a juicy bit of restorative to balance me out.  It was me listening to my body (which was clearly in charge –I took a 2 hour nap immediately after yoga!)

    There’s still 1 more day to this juice cleanse and slower way of living. That’s plenty of time for me to just BE….before I return to motion.

    12 thoughts on “Can We Just Be?”

    1. Rhana Pytell

      Beautiful synergy if image and phrase!

    2. Thank you Rhana! It’s one of my favorite parts of writing a blog — adding photos to match the phrase. It makes me so happy when others see it the same way.

    3. I love that you throw in some groovy dance moves on your yoga mat 🙂 I have class tonight so in your honour I will do some too 😉

    4. Elysha Lenkin

      Mostly veggies barely any fruit. Maybe an apple mixed in with kale. Summer seems like a great time to cleanse!

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