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Quiet Luxury Is Boring…Dress Like This Instead

    You may have heard of the “quiet luxury” trend – a chic and sophisticated approach to high-end fashion that emphasizes understated elegance over flamboyant excess. It’s an old money vibe, amplified through Shiv Roy from Succession, with elevated basics that convey impeccable taste.

    I appreciate understated elegance, and flashy logos have never been my thing. But I find quiet luxury to be a bore. Its statement of “don’t make a statement” is forgettable. Can you recall anything Shiv wore? Something black. Something beige…that’s about it.

    I’m not suggesting you must be remembered for our clothes. It’s to express your individuality through them!

    While you can definitely do this in a neutral palette, it’s not as exciting. You want your style to show people who you are and when your outfit has no personal touches, it’s too basic. You’re dressed like everyone else.

    The family of Bruno Cucinelli in a neutral palette

    But let’s not devalue the iconic quiet luxury brands like Lorna Piano and Bruno Cucinelli. There’s no question the clothes are gorgeous. I love a timeless style and I’ll always recommend investing in quality over quantity any day. But as any “timeless classic” knows, the pitfall of this look is that it can be boring! The solution, though, isn’t to draw attention to yourself in a loud or aggressive manner. You don’t need to be jarring, but instead to communicate your distinctiveness in a deliberate and genuine way.

    To help you be a bit bolder with your look, here are 5 elements that will infuse personality into your classic style, making it a statement that’s undeniably YOU!

    5 Ways To Turn Up The Volume On Understated Elegance

    1. Bright Accents

    Monochrome palettes are sophisticated, flattering and easy to put together! Add a pop of color to have more fun.

    2. Unexpected Texture and Pattern Play

    Make it less about big florals with graphic stripes and instead combine drapey tops with pleated skirts and braided sandals.

    3. Unique Shapes

    A classic silhouette will always be in style, but a fashion forward shape is more interesting.

    4. High Low Combos

    Combine your elevated basics with a statement t-shirt to create dynamic opposition. Add meaning to the tee for the ultimate personal touch.

    5. Metallic Punch

    Swap out your beige for gold and your gray to silver. Going glam will give you more energy!

    Personalizing Your Understated Elegance

    The way to turn up the volume on your classic style is to add more YOU. Use color, textures, shapes, sheens and personal pieces to create a statement that’s both unique and enduring.

    If you’d like to add more flair to your outfits because you’ve gotten too basic or stuck in a rut, I can help! Check out my personal styling services here. To find my best styling service that suits your needs, book a call here We’ll discuss your unique situation and I’ll guide you towards the next best step.

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