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Runway Styles For Those Who Haven’t Sorted Their Fall Fashion

    Here's how to figure out which of the fall fashion trends will work for your style. Check out this simple line of questions to know what's right for you!

    It’s Fashion Month! And although the runways are currently showing spring, I’m looking back to last February to help you sort out your fall fashion.

    As usual, many looks evoke the question…  how am I supposed to wear this?

    And the answer is: You don’t have to!

    Here's how to figure out which of the fall fashion trends will work for your style. Check out this simple line of questions to know what's right for you!

    The ability to discern what works for you – whether you’re looking at the catwalks, or passing by the shop windows, is an important step in defining your style.

    Use the fashion shows to check out the collections, and get a glimpse of what trends will be in the stores. This way you can start figuring out what looks you want to adopt for the season. (Click here to discover if your skinny jeans are out of fashion.)

    Watch the video to find out how to determine if a trend is right for you or not.

    And keep reading for my simple line of questions to help you wear your best styles.

    Which Runway Styles Will Be In Your Fall Fashion?

    When trying to determine if a trend is something that makes sense for your style, go through this line of questions. You don’t even need to try the clothes on to get your answers. Consider this your preliminary stage of knowing what’s right for you.


    1. Does it fit me?
    This refers to whether the look fits within your style. There is a big plaid and herringbone trend this season, but that classic, preppy vibe isn’t usually something I’d wear. It doesn’t fit me. You could also reframe the question to: does it suit me.


    2. Does it flatter me?
    This refers to the shape and silhouette of the look. Is it something that you would typically wear? For example, if you’re contemplating an oversize coat (oversize looks are also big this fall), but you only like streamlined fits….that particular runway style wouldn’t flatter you. You can see what silhouettes you have hanging in your closet to get a better idea of what you’ve been wearing lately.

    ace + jig

    3. Where do you see the trend in your life?
    This gets into the practicality of your style. Again, it’s often hard to envision the everyday quality of outfits from fashion shows, but can you pick out certain parts and imagine if they will work for you. You’ll want to break apart the outfits into the individual elements to get the answer to your question. I like the jacket in the layered look above. It’s something I can see myself wearing in my life.

    Ask The Questions And See What You Want To Wear!

    (And remember – sometimes the entire look gets confusing so break apart the outfits to see the individual components. This will help you discern if it’s right for you.)

    Ulla Johnson
    Tanya Taylor
    Rachel Comey
    Isabel Marant
    Rag & Bone

    Which runway styles will work for you this season?

    2 thoughts on “Runway Styles For Those Who Haven’t Sorted Their Fall Fashion”

    1. Kelli Dettmann

      Yes, in these I see the yellow, the florals, the tie-waists, polka dots, and ruffles. I’m liking all these trends, and can see them fitting into my wardrobe, on a smaller scale. I already have a yellow cardi, a floral top with ruffle sleeves, and I’m on the lookout for polka dots. The tie-waists, we’ll have to see. I’ve seen a couple of tops that have them that I like, and a few pairs of wide-legged pants with the larger tie belt….hoping to find something flattering and affordable, but if not, then that’s ok, too.

    2. This sounds like a great plan, Kelli. You’ve figured out what you like & now you’ll see how to make it fit into your wardrobe, your style & your life💜

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