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Are Skinny Jeans Out Of Fashion?

    Are skinny jeans out of fashion. Blue jeans folded next to each other.

    If you paid attention to the fall 2019 trends, you may have noticed a diverse collection of denim shown. And amidst the varying styles which include baggy, embroidered and straight leg, you may wonder if your skinnies are out of fashion?

    Are skinny jeans out of fashion. Blue jeans folded next to each other.

    It’s been 15 years since the slim silhouette became every woman’s go-to. Women love their skinny jeans! They’ve grown accustomed to the style making it a staple for every closet. But will you look dated if you continue to wear them now?

    In Style Or Out Of Fashion?

    Click play to watch the video where I set the record straight on your skinny jeans. I share which denim styles were on the runways, what I’m seeing on the streets of NYC, and what I’m recommending for my private clients.

    The Fall 2019 Runways

    There wasn’t an abundance of skinny jeans shown on the runways. Instead there were wide, cuffed, and interesting hemlines. AG showed a slim silhouette in dark red leather. J Brand, known for their skinnies, had white denim. And Frame showed the slim fit worn tucked into boots. So while the skinny jean did pop up a bit, it wasn’t talked about as an emerging 2019 trend. (Click here to see my recap of the fall 2019 trends.)

    On The Streets Of Downtown NYC

    On a recent stroll through the Nolita shopping district, I spotted a ton of women wearing skinny jeans. But let it be known that the women wearing them, overall, didn’t look as stylish as the women who wore other shapes such as wide or straight. The skinny jean outfits were basic while the other jean styles were part of a more interesting look. My conclusion is that skinnies have become a basic, like your white tee. 

    Experiment with a new silhouette. Women walking with cuffed blue jeans over flowers.

    What My Clients Wear

    When I work with my clients, we go through their closets to determine what to keep and what to let go. Will I be telling them to clear out their skinnies? Not a chance. As I wrote above, the silhouette has become a basic. And every wardrobe needs their basics to balance out their closet. I have some clients who adore their skinnies, and don’t feel comfortable in wider shapes. For them, I recommend experimenting with new styles. Straight legs are a good alternative as they’re still slim, but will give the ankle more room to breathe.

    As always it doesn’t matter what’s on trend. It’s important to know what’s right for you. If skinnies are your thing, by all means keep wearing them. But to keep your style fresh, I encourage you to branch out, and try other silhouettes.  

    Looking to buy some new jeans for your fall wardrobe? My denim round up is here.

    Will you wear skinnies this season?

    6 thoughts on “Are Skinny Jeans Out Of Fashion?”

    1. As a rectangle–I’ve never loved or felt great in the skinny jean. It’s just not a line that is best on me. Grateful to see other options.

    2. As a plus size girl, to call anything I own “skinny jeans” is rather ironic. That said, I bought them just to tuck into boots because they make me look like an ice cream cone, big up top, tapering down to a smaller ankle. Not the most flattering look.

    3. Lynette

      I am 72 years of age. It doesn’t matter to me if skinny jeans are in fashion or not, I wear clothes to suit my body shape those that are comfortable, and those that make me feel good. So I will continue to wear skinny jeans.

    4. Angie, I love how you’re seeing the shapes that your clothes create on your body. So when you don’t like the shape you’re creating…don’t wear it!

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