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The Key To Having A Standout Style (It’s Not A Strong Fashion Sense!)

    All women want to look their best. But not everyone was born with fashion sense. For some, it’s a talent. They inherently know how to put outfits together that turn heads and make people notice. But for the rest, it’s a skill that can be learned.

    You can learn how to have style!

    Watch the video where I explain exactly what you must do to get really good at your style. I also show you lots of examples to help you DIY your best outfits.

    And read on for more tips to look your best!

    The Practice Of Personal Style

    You may be familiar with the 10,000 hour rule by Malcolm Gladwell who claimed in his book Outliers that 10,000 hours is the tipping point of greatness. He’s referring to achieving a level of expertise that sets you above the general population.

    So unless you are aiming to be the next Anna Wintour of Vogue, you don’t have to worry about getting in your 10,000 hours to achieve great style.

    But you will need to practice.

    Like any new skill – whether it’s strumming a guitar, hitting a tennis ball, or learning french, the more you do it, the better you become.

    The same goes with style.

    The more you practice, the better you get at it.

    And that’s the thing that nobody talks about!

    Most women want to look their best. But they all don't have a strong fashion sense. The good news is you don't need one! You can learn how to have style!

    Style Doesn’t Rely On Fashion Sense

    Women are constantly frustrated with their wardrobes, and often they just give up because they feel like they’ll never understand how to dress in a way that’s right for them. They think that because they’re not trendy, or with a strong fashion sense it will never work for them. But if only they knew that they can learn how to do this. And it’s not rocket science!

    If you are willing to put in the time to practice getting better at your style, you will see results.

    Your Style Improves With Practice

    To create a standout style, focus on developing the following skills.

    1. Risk Taking

    If you’ve never paid much attention to your style, or you want to break out of a rut, you’ll need to try new things. The best outfits come together by unexpected pairings. If you’re not willing to do things differently, you’ll never change up your look. Use your accessories as a gateway to being bolder with your style.

    2. Outfit Creation

    Understanding how to put together an outfit is an essential skill for anyone looking to improve her style. To begin, come up with a couple different outfit formulas that’ll work for your body, taste and life. Think about the specific styles of tops, bottoms and third elements you’ll wear, and then build more outfits around that formula. Currently, I’m loving the printed silk blouse with joggers and jewelry as my WFH outfit formula.

    3. A Good Eye

    To have a standout style, you must train your eye to recognize when something looks good, or not. The easiest way to build this skill is to try and compare. This means you try on one outfit, and then compare it to another one. By deciding which looks better, you’ll develop the skill of a good eye.

    Practice building these skills consistently and you will see an improvement in your style.

    Remember that when you’re practicing to get better at a new game or a foreign language or whatever you want to know…the practice is ongoing. You practice for progress. Not perfection. And as you make progress, you adjust your practice to meet you where you’re currently at.

    If you want to build your style skills and create a holiday outfit that’s SO FAB, join the Outfit Magic Styling Challenge! I’ll help you ramp up your style so you feel incredible about how you look.

    Register for the styling challenge here. It’s free!

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