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How To Level Up Your Style In 2021

    To level up your style in 2021, you must take time to evaluate. This means looking at the clothes you’ve been wearing to see what works and what doesn’t. By assessing your personal style, you’ll get a clear understanding of  how you want to look, and how to realign if you’ve gotten off track. 

    To accommodate the anomaly that was 2020, I’ve created a customized evaluation system. It’ll help you gain clear insights from your personal style and identify where to focus for 2021.

    What To Evaluate

    Your yearly style evaluation will look at your current wardrobe. This includes your older pieces — the things you’ve had in your closet for over a year—along with the new stuff you’ve recently bought. You’ll select 3 pieces for each category. (Don’t worry about the categories yet. I’ll explain in a bit.) Also, you can assess more than 3 pieces. I just don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Or like this is a chore that must get done. Do it because you want to. You want to improve your style.

    One of the biggest issues I see women struggle with is feeling guilty for taking time for themselves. They say it’s self indulgent. Or unimportant. By focusing on yourself in this way for your style evaluation, you refill your pot. It will help you feel more focused and energized. It’s not self indulgent to give yourself more focus and energy! Everyone deserves this.

    Style Categories

    There are 3 categories of clothing to evaluate. You will look at what:

    1. Worked
    2. You’re committed to making work in 2021
    3. You’ll let go

    I included question #2 to accommodate the anomalies of 2020. The staying home circumstances prevented a lot of items from getting use. Recommit to these pieces for 2021. 

    The Evaluation Process

    To begin your evaluation process, pull out 3 items from your wardrobe that answer question #1 — what worked. Next, find the common threads of these 3 items. Were they all a similar color? Was there a common theme, or word that would describe these 3 pieces? By naming the similarities of these 3 items, you’ll know what to focus on for your style in 2021.

    Continue the same process for question #2. You’ll select 3 items that are pieces you still love, but weren’t able wear much due to staying home. Think about how you’ll use them in 2021. Commit to bringing them back into your clothing rotation.

    For question #3, it’s time to take an honest appraisal of what is no longer your style. Choose 3 items. What are the common threads in these pieces? It could be the print, the rise of the pants, the length. Note what you don’t like anymore. This will show you what not to move forward with in your style.

    Level Up How You Look

    Click play on the video to see the evaluation process in action. I explain how to assess your style to level up in 2021, and show you how it looks using examples from my wardrobe. By seeing someone else go through the process, it’ll motivate you to do it on your own.

    Ready to level up your style, but you’re not sure how? I can help. Book a complimentary call and we’ll discuss how to reinvent your style so you love how you look and show up with more confidence in your life. Book your call now by clicking here.

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