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Add Feminine Energy To Stylize Your Menswear Shirt

    Don't sacrifice your feminine energy to wear a men's button down shirt. You can look chic and feel sexy in menswear basics. See how in the style tutorial.

    Women wearing menswear isn’t anything new. But if you’re not into an oversized style, or you prefer to dress more feminine, you’ve probably ignored the look. But what if I told you there’s a way to “borrow from the boys” without feeling like a slob. Or straying too far from your personal style? You can add feminine energy to a masculine shirt and make it look amazing!

    After my teenage son received a brand new button down (that he has no interest in wearing), I got inspired to share how to incorporate this highly versatile staple into your next favorite look.

    Click play to watch how I use the men’s button down as a foundation for a feminine outfit.

    And read on for the styling suggestions that you can apply to items in your own (or your husband’s!) closet.

    Feminine Energy Added To A Men’s Button Down Shirt

    You don’t have to sacrifice femininity when you put on a masculine top. By adding in girly details, you’ll immediately soften the look.

    Layer a small sweater on top.

    This way you won’t lose your shape, but rather play with the proportion of fitted versus looser silhouette.

    Add in lady like details

    Bring in a scarf. But wear it as a belt. Tie it super tight at the smallest part of your waist. You can even add a big bow to add extra feminine flair! Alternatively, wear it as a neckerchief.

    Layer with lace

    Put on a pretty camisole then tie up your menswear top. Pair with a high waisted bottom to enhance the look.

    As I mentioned, this shirt is my son’s. My husband is way too big so his shirts would be ridiculous on me. This is a key thing to know…you don’t want the menswear to be too large. For me, using my teenage son’s stuff is perfect. It’s a little loose to create the oversized shape. But not too large that I lose myself in the garment.

    What do you think? Do you ever raid the men’s section of the store, or your husband’s closet?

    Go here to see how to mix and match your outfits better.

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    Don't sacrifice your feminine energy to wear a men's button down shirt. You can look chic and feel sexy in menswear basics. See how in the style tutorial.

    6 thoughts on “Add Feminine Energy To Stylize Your Menswear Shirt”

    1. Pamela Goldman

      One thing I see are models unbuttoning their menswear shirt way down with no bra….I don’t know how they do it…it looks so sexy and feminine but it’s just not that practical for me and I’m not twenty-something years old. unless I get a beige seamless camisole and let it rock with the chains and all.

    2. First off, love your necklace! I for sure fall in the 3rd category with how I like to wear mine, and also had envisioned doing the 2nd option with a belt but haven’t tried it yet. I do realize now after watching this that my shirts might fall in the ridiculously oversized category and I might want to go a size down. Thanks for the tutorial!

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