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How She Went From Frumpy To Feeling Confident

    Do you ever have those moments— you’re fully dressed, take one last look in the mirror, and then rip your clothes off. You feel frumpy!

    I see it often. Women who second guess themselves when getting dressed. They aren’t sure if what they’re wearing looks good. Or they’re not comfortable in their clothes, but don’t know what else to wear. The second guessing is a symptom of not feeling confident. 

    And this is how my client, Laura Mangum, used to feel.

    When we first met she enjoyed clothing, but never thought much about her style, or how she wanted to look. Then she saw pictures of herself— she was shocked! She had no idea that she looked so frumpy. She didn’t see herself that way.

    From Frumpy To Full Of Confidence

    Listen to Laura’s story about how she went from frumpy to full of confidence.

    She shares:

    • What caused her frumpy style
    • The way she takes every outfit to the next level
    • How she’s able to wear the sentimental pieces that used to just sit in the drawer.
    • The small, incremental changes she made that gave her confidence in how she looks

    Click play to watch the video.

    Reboot Yourself From The Inside Out

    And if you’re ready to stop feeling frumpy and take your style to the next level with a group of women doing the same thing, join us in 90 Day Style Refresh, my group styling program.

    Whether you’re feeling a little rusty in your style after staying home for so long Or you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe to reflect who you are now (maybe your body has changed, or maybe YOU’ve changed), the 90 day style refresh will help you get crystal clear on what to wear, what to buy and how you want to look. And you’ll do all this without wasting time and money on the wrong things.

    This program is about more than the clothes. This is about creating an inner and outer transformation that changes how you see yourself. There is so much available for you and your style! I’ll help open your eyes to what’s possible.

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