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Highlights From 2014: Mind Body Soul Style

    Well, it’s prime time for the 2015 countdown. And just as every end-of-year wrap-up includes a good list, I’ve created mine too.

    5 Big Lessons From 2014

    1. Going Back To Basics Doesn’t Have To Be A Bore

    My been-there-done-that attitude is BS. There’s something to learn from every situation, no matter how basic it may seem. Like in yoga, if it’s a beginner’s class, there’s an opportunity to tap into the subtleties of my practice. It’s from working in this capacity (with a beginners mind) that my experience gets refined, ultimately leading to growth.

    2. There’s Tons Of Toxicity In My Daily Beauty Routine

    This year was my wake up into the world of safe cosmetics. After learning what really goes into some of my products, I could no longer turn a blind eye. I’ve started going green in my complexion by paying more attention to what I buy. It’s an ongoing journey, and I’m documenting it here.

    3. There’s No Such Thing As A Good Meditator

    The point of meditation is to establish a working relationship with the mind — where it’s not controlling behavior. The goal isn’t to be good at it. It’s just to do it.

    4. It’s All About The Bounce Back

    There will always be moments when my face falls flat into the mud– it’s just how life rolls. What matters is how quickly I can shake off the mud, and move on. Resilience is everything.

    5. Whole Living Means All Parts Of Myself Can Exist Cohesively

    Finding the balance to nurture and express all aspects of my Self is an ongoing challenge. Too often when one part rules the show, the others get lost or resentful. Working mom doesn’t have to feel guilty when she’s not attending the school field trip, and yoga mom can be okay when she has to miss practice to attend M’s soccer game. There is space for all parts to exist. And by letting this happen, my life becomes more whole.

    For more life lessons, checkout these from a 90 year old woman.

    What are your highlights from 2014?

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    8 thoughts on “Highlights From 2014: Mind Body Soul Style”

    1. Wonderful post, Elysha! I do believe that you have gotten me ready for 2015! Let’s make this the year that we take good care and believe in ourselves.

    2. Yes…I identify with all of these, particularly the beginners mind…I am doing beginners yoga at the moment, and am humbled to see how damn difficult I find some things, especially anything related to core strength. There are always things we miss. And…giving all of our parts an equal airing. A constant balance, but one which I’m aware of. I have loved hanging out with you this year Elysha xo

    3. Thank you, Michele. And I love that this is the year to take good care and believe in ourselves. I’m right with you! Happy New Year!

    4. Finding the balance is my biggest lesson, one I’ll continue to work on this year. And yes, isn’t it interesting how the beginner’s mind brings new insights and challenges? My patience is always pulling me away from that one…Hope you have a nice New Years celebration, Sara. Can’t wait to read all about it in your weekly round up. x x

    5. Love this list! I have a “Goodie Jar” in which I put notes of things that I think were good throughout the year, but I am not sure they are the highlights, but probably! Even though some were little they made me smile. Might not be so enlightening as yours. I might have to reflect on it further and turn it into a post, of course. (I am always looking for things to post about!)

    6. That’s really sweet — a goodie jar of all the goodness from the year. And those little moments that made you smile…they’re the best. Happy New Year, Terre!

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