How To Have The Benefits Of Yoga Without Doing Any Poses

How To Have The Benefits Of Yoga Without Doing Any Poses

As a committed yogi for almost 20 years, I must admit that there are days I just don’t feel like doing downward dog. And when this is the case, I rely on the other aspects (limbs) of yoga to keep me on track with my practice. If you seek the yoga benefits, but have no interest in doing yoga poses – whether it’s because you think it’s boring, or not a real workout – you may be happy to know that you can get the benefits without ever having to put on your yoga pants.

In my next video, I share tips on how to engage in a yoga practice that doesn’t require doing the poses.

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  1. Great post. Kindness is beneficial in so many ways.

  2. I also have tons and tons of journals πŸ™‚

  3. And what do you do with them all? I’m starting to think about just getting rid of them. They take up space and I’m not even sure I want to see them anymore.

  4. Thanks for watching, Karen.

  5.' TERRY SHEN says:

    You go girl, Elysha. This of- the-mat yoga is really cool. Stuffs that the yoga teachers mention in passing but not in depth (because they are off the mat?). Maybe a special series in the future like your review of exercise videos?

  6. Thanks, Terry! I do plan on expanding on this topic. I’m so happy to know you’re interested!

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