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3 Essentials To Help Solidify Your Meditation Practice

    3 Essentials To Help Solidify Your Meditation Practice | | Mind Body Soul Stylist

    3 Essentials To Help Solidify Your Meditation Practice | | Mind Body Soul Stylist
    Though meditation may seem like some small thing – you sit for some minutes and watch your breath – the impact it can have on your life is huge. I’ve been at it consistently for about a year, and I have noticed a major improvement in how I am, in general. While it hasn’t gotten rid of all my bad habits, it acts as a reset for when these bad habits start to infiltrate my being. Each morning that I sit gives me a clean slate to begin again.

    If you’re curious to give it a go, or if you already meditate but can’t get consistent, here are 3 essentials that can help regulate the practice into a routine. PS: No Buddha necessary.

    3 Things That Will Help You Meditate Regularly

    1. An Area That’s Dedicated to Meditate
    There isn’t much excess space in apartment living. So as much as I’d love to devote an entire room to my practice, it’s not practical. Instead, I have a corner in my office that has become my meditation corner. Before I claimed this space, I was inconsistent with where I sat – sometimes on the bed, sometimes on the couch. It’s much easier to have my area because I know what I’m supposed to do, and where I”m supposed do it. It simplifies the whole thing.

    2. A cushion
    I bought my little plum cushion a couple years ago to help boost my practice – literally. By elevating my seat, I can get comfortable easier. Plus looking at this pillow reminds me of the small investment I made into my happiness.

    3. A Good App
    Sitting on your own with a timer is perfectly fine. But having an app is better as it adds more purpose to your practice. I’ve been using Insight Timer for years under the recommendation of a Buddhist meditation teacher. I like that it has all the guided sessions which is beneficial when you’re just starting. And it has the timer which goes beyond the regular timer on your phone because it logs your sessions…a great way to track your progress.

    Are you ready to invest in your meditation practice? Or what are your go-tos to keep you sitting regularly?

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    6 thoughts on “3 Essentials To Help Solidify Your Meditation Practice”

    1. Thanks for that reminder. I’ve been slacking majorly in my meditation practice since 2017 started. I usually use ‘Headspace’. Will check out Insight Timer. Might help to switch it around.

    2. Hi! I like that the guided meditations in Insight Timer are varied. There is a wide selection of teachers and programs to choose from. Thanks for reading!

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