5 Ways To Pop Some Color Into Your Look (And How To Break Out Of An All Black Attire)

5 Ways To Pop Some Color Into Your Look (And How To Break Out Of An All Black Attire)

On a recent closet cleanse, my client’s wardrobe was filled with black. When I asked why, she explained it’s a no-brainer — black goes with everything she owns. She needed to color pop her look.

I won’t argue the basics of black, it is easy to match which makes it a great fall-back on days when there’s no time or energy to plan something more exciting. But my job is to steer clients away from their usual and expected, so they can break out of their wardrobe ruts, and take some risks to help them look and feel awesome.

If wearing black is your go-to, consider these options for more eye catching appeal.

5 Ways To Color Pop Your Look

1. Go Monotone
Don’t be afraid to wear all red. Or all green. Or whatever color you love. The lengthening effect of a solid color is totally slimming. And the neutrality of one shade is clash free. (Wearing two colors that are slightly off can be cool!)

2. Bring It On
Move away from your basic black bag. A deep burgundy is beautiful in fall while an earthy rust easily rounds out a look.

3. Layer Lightly
Try brightly colored underpinnings or tanks — let them peek out of deep Vs near the neckline, or hang low below the hips.

4. Be-Jewel-y
Make a statement in a boldly colored necklace. Not only will it draw attention towards your face, it’ll break up the snooze factor of an all black ensemble.

5. Try Blue
If black really is your thing, then how about mixing it up with blue? Feeling extra adventurous? Put a print into the program.

How do you color pop your look?

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