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I Am So Bored With My Clothes — Can You Relate?

    If you always wear the same thing and want to change text overlay image of red and white clothes hanging in closet.

    Here’s the situation: you’ve been wearing the same thing pretty much all week. The colors look similar with little print or pattern. And the garments’ shapes are indistinguishable. But despite the fact that you’re not loving your outfits, you continue to reach for the same two or three pieces everyday. Because inside your brain you’re telling yourself, I am so bored with my clothes!

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    As the weeks go by, this thought continues. The boredom turns to procrastination. You can’t be bothered to wear anything else which perpetuates the downward spiral that leaves you in a full blown style rut. 

    Click play to watch the video where I share what’s really going when you’re bored with your clothes, and how to start feeling inspired with your style. 

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    When It’s Not Rut Behavior

    First, let’s be clear, wearing similar styles everyday does not mean you’re in a rut. I happen to love when I find an outfit that works because I can put it on repeat for a few days in a row. So I’ll wear the same thing, and feel good in it. I’m not in a rut, but instead I’m milking my outfit for what it’s worth. The outfit makes me happy.

    The defining characteristic of a style rut is that you’re wearing the same thing all the time, and you don’t want to! You feel stuck. Like there are no options. You don’t make a change because either you’re not aware you’re in a rut, or you think that you don’t know how to put new outfits together. Click here to learn how to tell if you’re stuck in a rut.

    If you always wear the same thing and want to change text overlay red and white clothing.

    I Am So Bored With My Clothes

    I’ve had women complain to me for months about their style ruts before they bite the bullet and book their styling session. It takes courage to acknowledge when something isn’t working in your life. And it takes more bravery to make a change.

    When you say that you’re bored with your style, you’re operating under a fixed mindset. You’re playing small! According to Perato’s principle, we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Wearing only 20% is playing small! As you become more aware that you’re stuck in that 20%, you feel as sense of disempowerment when getting dressed each day. And dressing in disempowerment doesn’t look good on anyone!

    See Things Differently

    You may be wondering HOW? How do you start wearing that other 80%? How do you break free from the style rut? The answer is to change your mind! Shift out of the fixed mindset to see fresh possibilities with what you can wear. Open up your eyes to the inspiration around you. Who has great style that you love? Maybe it’s a celebrity, or a TV character. It could be someone in your life, a friend or family member. Or you may find inspiration on Pinterest or instagram. 

    By seeing these inspired outfits, you’ll tap into what’s possible for you. While I never encourage clients to copy head to toe looks because that never works, I do want you to take note of what exactly you like about these inspired looks. Pay attention to the style elements that resonate with you. Are you drawn towards a specific color palette? Or do you love the way her cross body bag is worn up high? It’s these little details that make up personal style. And when you see things you like, you’ll feel excited to bring it into your outfits.

    Do Things Differently

    Along with seeing things differently, you’ll want to do things differently, style-wise, which calls on your creativity. After you’ve rounded up some inspiration, have a serious try-on with your wardrobe. 

    Set time to experiment. Creativity likes when you’re relaxed so do this when you’re not rushed. Play music and drink wine if you enjoy that. Be curious and open to try new things. Pull something from the closet and say, I wonder what would happen if

    Start with a tried and true garment. This is an item that gives you confidence. Then go to the back of the closet and find something you haven’t worn this tried and true garment with. Remember the phrase, I wonder what would happen if…as it will help guide you to new items in your closet. Keep trying things on until you arrive at that feeling of YES!

    Being bored with your clothes is a state of mind. The hardest part of changing is acknowledging that it needs to happen. But once you see where you’re at, and note that you’re ready for something else, the possibilities will present themselves. A vision for your inspired style will emerge that feels exciting and leads you to fresh creativity with your clothes.

    Are you feeling bored with your style lately?

    Grab the free guide of outfit inspiration that shows you how to create a fresh outfit with your old clothes.

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