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Take Your Movement Outside!

    While I am definitely all for a DIY dance party in your living room, there’s something so exciting about joining the collective energy of a group fitness class. Last Saturday I attended the SELF magazine Workout In The Park with hundreds of women (and a couple guys). Who knew that this would be an awesome way to spend the day?

    That's me in the workout tank & leggings!
    That’s me in the workout tank & leggings!

    Usually I abhor huge crowds, especially while I’m exercising. Things like lack of circulation in a stuffy room, or a nearby yogi dripping sweat on my mat make me completely uncomfortable. Let’s just say I like my space!

    As a NYC girl, my idea of the outdoors may not exactly be up to par. (My city born and bred kids are beyond petrified of bugs, and sadly consider the dirt patch on a construction site to be nature.) I do try to get my fix from running by the East River. And obviously I walk allover town. (Does the shrubbery sprouting from the sidewalk cracks count as nature?) But to spend the day (cardio) dancing under a sea of trees was so much more than my city-girl-self was used to. Despite the ongoing exertion of high-impact moves, my energy felt replenished. Even invigorated!

    And it wasn’t just me! To my right was Latina Lady throwing down her moves. (I totally copied her during the Zumba portion of the day.) On my other side was Brooklyn Hipster Chick dressed in not-your-ordinary-sweats (which I so want!) and adorned in allover tattoos. She was having a blast in the LaBlast cardio class! We were all shaking our asses in celebration, and flaunting our attitudes of expression. It didn’t matter how we looked. (90% humidity = frizz for most!) We were in it to win it — to workout and have fun!

    SELF is hosting this event in Chicago next month. But if you aren’t near there, you can still get your workout in the park on. Grab your group of friends and get outside to exercise!  It’s truly a treat for the mind, body and soul.

    Where do you live and are you able to bring your movement practice outdoors easily?

    4 thoughts on “Take Your Movement Outside!”

    1. SirenaTales

      Fantastic! Love moving/dancing/exercising outside! So freeing!

      Great job conveying the joy and invigoration and INSPIRATION of this group movement party. And I was just talking with a dancer buddy the other day about the fabulous rush of moving with other folks, riffing off of the energy and moves, as you so clearly describe. What a terrific feast of healthfulness for body and soul. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo p.s. I sometimes teach my dance classes outside, and have enjoyed dance improvising in the park. Personal faves: ” Crosswalking,” i.e. structured group dance improv during walk signs in city streets, with a company I perform with and my “Flashmob of 1” solo dance improv in public places like highway rest stops, public beaches (and sea :)), and sidewalks. See ya out there, TT.

    2. ST, I bet your Crosswalking and Flashmob of 1 is a real treat for you and those who get to see it (or do it with you!) Love the spontaneity and fun rolled into these pieces!! I also love how you describe the rush from riffing off of the energy of others. That reminds me of musicians describing how it is when they play together. I guess dancers and musicians operate from the same place of energy exchange… Thank you for sharing xo

    3. I do love taking the workout outside, my Zumba instructor does in the summer time and its wonderful! lol do you know how many women are in workout tanks and leggings in this pic?!?! πŸ˜€

    4. That’s fantastic your instructor takes the Zumba outside — must be awesome! PS: I’m in the blue πŸ˜‰

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