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Your Personal Style Deserves Your Attention

    Elevate Your Style By Working With A Pro. Clothing hanging in a closet.

    Do you ever wonder what it’s like to have someone help with your personal style? So you no longer second guess your clothing choices, but instead feel confident in what you wear.

    Never feel doubt about what you wear. Women wearing jeans in a pile of high heel shoes.

    But then you think… 

    Who am I to have stylist? 


    My style isn’t a priority. I don’t have the time for this.


    It would be better to focus on after I’ve lost the extra 20 – 30 lbs that I’ve been carrying around. 

    I’m Not Worth It

    These are some of the excuses that come up with the women I’ve spoken with who are considering working with me. 

    It’s not fair to take this time for myself

    It’s superficial to focus on my appearance.

    They want me to help with their personal style. But deep down they’re thinking…

    I don’t deserve this. 

    Elevate your style by working with a pro. Clothes hanging in a closet.

    Investing In Your Self Worth

    Investing in yourself is an act of expressing your self worth. When you don’t make these investments, whether it’s spending money on yourself, or giving yourself time to do what you want, you’re saying I’m not worth it. And for those who spent a lifetime of putting  themselves on the back burner, it’s not easy to believe…

    It’s my time! 

    I’ll take what I want!

    I deserve this!

    If you’re one of those people who have a hard time acknowledging your self worth, and that you deserve to do nice things for yourself you must watch the video where I talk to my client, Career Coach Mo Faul.

    Personal Style Put Into Action

    She didn’t believe that she was worthy of working with a stylist. And she also thought her personal style should wait until she lost 20 – 30 lbs. In our conversation we talk about how she got past those limiting beliefs to get to the place of knowing that what she puts on will look good and feel good.

    We also discuss:

    • Why she finally decided to bite the bullet and work with me.
    • What it’s like to work virtually with a stylist.
    • The unexpected results of working together that she never saw coming.

    Click play on the video, and then let me know below – have you ever considered getting help with your personal style?

    If you’re ready to focus on your personal style, let’s chat! Click here to book a complimentary style clarity call where we’ll look at the hurdles keeping you from feeling confident in your clothes. I’ll also make my recommendations on how to elevate your style to the next level.

    Learn more about my client, Career Coach Mo Faul’s Bring Your Soul To Work program here:

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