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Let’s Live Well + Look Awesome!

    By combining personal style with holistic fitness and mindful living, you're on your way to living well and looking awesome.

    About three years ago I combined my years of fashion styling experience with my passion and yoga teacher training into my mission of helping women live well + look awesome. I started my blog – Mind Body Soul Stylist – which has now evolved and expanded into my Youtube channel, Elysha Living.

    By combining personal style with holistic fitness and mindful living, I'll help you create a lifestyle of practice to live well + look awesome.
    Originally, I had set out to make my channel about fitness. The platform seemed like the right fit to share workouts and physical practices. But now, after creating videos for nine months, sharing only fitness content feels limiting as it doesn’t cover the entirety of my mission.

    As a result, I have shifted my Youtube channel into a better representation of my goal to help you live well + look awesome. It still includes holistic fitness, but also incorporates personal style and mindful living.

    In this video I explain exactly why a lifestyle of practice that includes personal style, holistic fitness and mindful living is essential to live well + look awesome, and how my blog and Youtube channel will hopefully inspire you to start practicing right away.

    Click play to watch the video!

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