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The Formula To Find Your Style And Create A Signature Look

    Do you struggle with not knowing what to wear? Or do you feel like you are allover the place with your clothes, and you could do better with your outfits? If yes, you may need to find your style and define it with a signature. 

    You’re probably familiar with the term signature style, but have you ever considered having one of your own?  Or do you think that it’s something only for people who are really into fashion. Or it’s for women who spend a lot of money on clothes.

    When I first heard of a signature style, it made me think of iconic outfits. Like Audrey Hepburn in the little black Givenchy dress. Or Carrie Bradshaw in the tutu. And Anna Wintour in her crew necks and collar necklaces. 

    But the truth is everybody —even us real people— can have a signature style. It has nothing to do with age, size or wealth. It’s not reliant on trends, high fashion or following rules. 

    It’s about knowing who you are, what you love and what looks good on you. When you have a signature style, it takes the guesswork out of getting dressed — you know what to wear! It also gets you excited about your style because you love your outfits. And it gives you confidence. You know you always look amazing in your outfits.

    When you’ve nailed down your signature style, there’s no more, “I don’t know what to wear.” Or “I feel like I can dress better.” Your signature style removes these blocks and provides a clear and easy path to showing up as your best self.

    Click play to watch the video where I share how to define your style, and create outfit formulas that express your signature. I also show examples of different outfits so you see how to put together your own signature style.

    And keep reading to learn how to find your style.

    Why You Don’t Have A Signature Style

    There are two main reasons you haven’t found your signature style. Either you don’t know what you like, or you don’t know what looks good on you. (It’s also possible that you’re not in touch with either of these things!)

    Preferences evolve. Bodies change. And lifestyles shift. Add in a fully booked schedule with little time to commit, your personal style may get tossed onto the back burner. Which leaves you settling for outfits that get the job done (meaning they get you dressed), but you certainly don’t feel excited about them…let alone confident that you’re dressed well.

    Personal Preferences

    Your signature style is a reflection of what you love so the first step to defining yours is reconnecting with your taste. If you’re not keeping current on your personal preferences, and you’re wearing things that are no longer YOU…you’re giving off the wrong message. It also feels a little weird. 

    Your clothes have an expiration date. And it’s okay when they expire. It shows your evolving. There was a time when I loved wrap dresses. But when I tried one on recently, I realized I don’t like them anymore! I felt like someone else in the dress. Your personal preferences should always remind you of who you are. 

    Do your clothes reflect what you love? If not I encourage you to take some time and browse around for inspiration. (Here’s how to take inspiration from Pinterest outfits and make it your own.) Notice what catches your eye. And what you’d love to try. Once you’ve gotten inspired, you’re ready for the next step.

    Body Shape & Lifestyle

    The biggest reason women come to me for help is because they don’t know what to wear. Either their body has changed and their old styles don’t look good anymore. Or their life has changed and they need to figure out how to look appropriate. 

    I just spoke to a woman who is dealing with both of these circumstances. She gained weight after having kids and she started a new job. She was pretty tuned into her personal preferences. The issue was that a lot of the things she liked didn’t suit her anymore. She didn’t like how they felt on her body, and she couldn’t wear them to work.

    In this situation, it’s important to get clear on your shape so you understand how to dress it. You also need to articulate the role you’re playing at work so your clothes support this role. (Click here if you want to learn how to dress more appropriately.)

    The Formula To Find Your Style

    If you want to find your style, the formula is simple.

    What You Love + What Suits You = Your Signature Style

    Not everything you love will look good on you. And you won’t love everything that suits you. You need to find that sweet spot of styles that gets you excited and give you confidence. Once you’ve tapped into this formula, replicate it! 

    This is what I do with my clients. We define their style, and then create a bunch of outfits based on their signature. If you need help with this, let’s talk! Book a complimentary call and we’ll discuss how to get you into clothes that you love and that make you look your best. Book your call here:

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