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Here’s How To Not Be So Frustrated During Mercury Retrograde

    No need to freak out because mercury is going retrograde. Here's how to navigate the period of mercury retrograde with less frustration.

    Did you know that mercury retrograde starts soon? Since this can be a confusing time, I thought it would be helpful to talk about making the most of the next 3 weeks when the planet of communication moves into reverse.

    No need to freak out because mercury is going retrograde. Here's how to navigate the period of mercury retrograde with less frustration.

    First off, let’s stress that you don’t need to look to astrology, psychics or anyone else to say how to live your life. You have all the answers within. And it’s more important to understand how to tune into your inner guidance for direction.

    That said, paying attention to the planets in transit is fun! It helps see opportunities (or potential setbacks) which can be useful when scheduling travel and appointments. It’s also good for inspiring different types of activities or behaviors that the planetary movement will enhance.

    Click play to learn more about suggested activities during mercury retrograde.

    And read on for more tips.

    Here’s how to make the most of mercury retrograde

    Reconnect with old friends

    You know that expression blast from the past? Now is the time to live it. Seek out old friends to reignite the relationship. It’ll be much easier to connect. Your old college roommate may reach out to you first…it’s in the air!

    Refresh your wardrobe

    If you haven’t switched over your closet to the new season, do it now! You’ll probably rediscover a hidden gem that’s ready to return to the regular rotation. (This post goes into detail about doing a proper closet cleanout.)

    Revisit prior projects that keep getting put off

    This includes clearing out your computer, going through outdated photos and recycling dusty books. If you do end up dealing with your computer, don’t forget to back up!

    Re-check all your appointments, and itineraries

    It’s all about delays during Mercury retrograde. While most are out of your control, you can confirm your schedule to make sure there’s not any misunderstandings.

    Basically, if you put the prefix *Re* in front of anything you do, you’re ensured to stay on track.

    Try to wait on the following until after the planet goes direct.

    • Buying electronics or any big ticket item…you’ll REgret it.
    • Initiating any project or idea — this includes your launch. Remember, the focus isn’t on moving forward — it’s about reexamining and refining.
    • Signing contracts…details of the agreement often shift making it so you’re not signing up for what you originally intended.

    If you must do any of the above, make sure to read the fine print to avoid any surprises.

    Also, this is a great time to manage frustrations. Notice your reaction when life doesn’t go as planned. Are you able to bounce back when things go wrong? Do you persevere when delays throw you off track? By noting your reaction habits, this will help you tweak your behavior so you feel less stressed in the future.

    Are you familiar with mercury retrograde? What are your tips for staying on track during this time of year?

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