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Mid-Summer Mind, Body and Soul REconnection

    Hot and hazy slowing you down?

    Have the softer schedules, lighter loads and all around pleasure seeking propensities which define the spirit of summer pulled you away from your day to day?


    bathing beauties

    That means you’re in the flow.  Now is the time to slow down — break from the grind, and let yourself have some fun!

    Just make sure you’re still connected.
    Sometimes summer time indulgences cause a mind, body and soul disconnect. The body wants one thing.  The mind wants another.  And the soul just gets ignored.

    Though a regular routine may be out of the question for the duration of the season, it’s good to have a game plan in play. Just a few simple things to help stay aligned with your connection.

    • Eat well

    There are times when my body is screaming for a green juice, but my mind tells my mouth to order a coffee. Take a moment to tune into your body and see what it really wants to consume.

    • Get rest

    I know – it’s summer and maybe you don’t have to wake up as early as usual. But do you really need to stay up til 2am watching that movie…again? Take your body’s cues–are your eyes shutting while your mind won’t turn off?  Try limiting screens at least an hour before bedtime.


    • Meditate

    Okay, I am probably the last person who wants to sit quietly for 10 or 15 mins which is why I need it most. Sitting with yourself is a sure-fire way to truly feel what’s going on inside.  No need to get fancy with technique –just watch your breath.  Notice how your mind connects to the body while following each inhale and exhale.  Perhaps you’ll even wake up to your soul.

    Photo by Hans Feurer
    Photo by Hans Feurer
    • Get moving

    I’m a mover and a shaker so this is obviously a very important part of my program. And even if you’re not so movement oriented — just know that it will bring you back into your body, and hopefully get you connected to your soul.

    • Listen to music

    If Get Lucky or Treasure haven’t super saturated your brain, they’re always fun to get into. For me, anything by Thom Yorke or Radiohead gets me connected. And I’m kinda loving Step by Vampire Weekend for a more mellow vibe.

    • Have sex

    Hey, why not connect to your loved one while you’re at it?
    …Or you could always try to Connect To Your Soul With These SUPER Easy Steps.

    How do you get yourself back on track, or reconnected in the summertime fun?

    4 thoughts on “Mid-Summer Mind, Body and Soul REconnection”

    1. Kelly Kuhn

      Your blog is wonderful – reminds me of the good stuff that I so often forget. Thank you!

    2. Thanks Kelly! I forget too! Sometimes a simple reminder can be so helpful. Hope you are enjoying the summer!

    3. SirenaTales

      Thanks for another fab and inspiring post, TT. Love how you share your substantial wisdom in a style that is so appealing and breezy–just what we need with this hot, hazy, humid weather! After a pretty cranky morning that I know comes from being disconnected, this piece is just the ticket. Cheers! xoxo

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