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Moving Towards A Greener Complexion — Facial Moisturizer

    me-greenThough it may appear I’ve gone silent on my move to a greener complexion, this is not the case.

    I’ve been quiet because I wasn’t sure how to report my findings.

    My previous posts– on lip balm, body moisturizer and facial cleanser — were baby steps. I was playing it safe with products I knew would minimally effect my routine. I think we can all attest that rarely does someone complain of lip balm wreaking havoc.

    Facial moisturizer, however, is another story.

    To swap out a product that’s been giving good results doesn’t feel natural.
    Especially since I’ve got incredibly-sensitive-breakout-prone-skin. I need to be super-careful with what I apply on my face.

    Since starting on Skinceuticals Daily Moisture about a year ago, things have been relatively calm on the facial front. Unfortunately, when I recently checked out the ingredients — it didn’t fare so well. Retinyl palmitate and parabens = a high score in toxicity. And with this type of moisturizer living on the skin, it’s kind of gross.

    After much procrastination (and my supply running out), I decided to pull out the big guns and make the switch. My research led to Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer. Oil free was the way for me to go with my combination-yet-still-oily skin.

    Upon application, it feels heavy — a teeny bit greasy, even. So the fact that it’s oil-free is a bit of a mystery. But because it’s winter and the air is so dry, I don’t mind it at all. Perhaps in the summer I’d feel different.

    The issue is my face started to break out. Big time.
    I’d wake up with a zit over on my cheek.
    It would clear up after a few days then BOOM!
    Another would pop up on my chin.
    This continued for weeks.

    Dissatisfied, I took the wait + see approach before completely writing it off; realizing there could be an adjustment period.

    It’s been over a month of using this product, and it’s going much better.
    I am getting flakiness around my nose which I’m wondering is due to the oil-free factor. I just make sure to apply extra in this area.
    But the breakouts are more infrequent. Today, I don’t have any.

    Toxcity-wise, this product is fantastic. It’s all clean ingredients.
    In the summer, the greasiness may be too much. Plus, I’ll want to consider the sunscreen version — which adds in a whole other component of unknowns.

    For now, I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

    Oh also, since my last post on the subject, I’ve learned a lot about #safecosmetics (which I will definitely share.) It’s such a huge mountain to climb, to go totally green. I am committed to making the change. But I will say, it’s not easy. Though once waking up to this topic, there’s no going back. It’s hard to turn a blind eye when I know the danger that’s involved.

    Do you have a facial moisturizer you trust and love?

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    10 thoughts on “Moving Towards A Greener Complexion — Facial Moisturizer”

    1. SirenaTales

      Dr. Hauschka–I’ve used many of their skin and bath care products and have loved them all (they use a lot of plant-based extracts), especially the Rose creams. Not inexpensive, but worth it, if one can. Best wishes for your continuing exploration. x x

    2. I make a super yummy body butter and slather it on my face and whole body. It goes on greasy but sinks in quickly. Almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin e oil, rosehip seed oil, and essential oils of lavender and frankincense. It’s divine. I’ll send you some if you want to try it out, and I’ll include the list of ingredients and their benefits. I LOVE IT. It smells awesome, it’s fresh, made by me–it’s very empowering to make my own stuff. Costs a fraction of what you’d pay for something like that in a store, and I know exactly what’s in it.

    3. ST, thanks for your recommendation. I just delved into Dr. Hauschka for my cleanser. Perhaps I should go with them for moisturizer as well — these products really are great. x x

    4. Lorien, that does sound yummy! And I can imagine how empowering it feels to make your own stuff. This is how I feel with food — I prefer to know exactly what’s going into the stuff we eat. And it makes sense to treat your skin the same way. Thank you! I might take you up on getting those ingredients! xo

    5. Ah, Mario Badescu! I used to go there for facials all the time!! And what a relief to have found your products that never let you down. Thanks, Kay!

    6. What’s your email address? I can get your regular address and just send you some!

    7. Thanks dear. I’ll shoot you an email. Probably won’t be able to get anything out to you until after our move though. We’re in the thick of it now and it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

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