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Seasonal Color Analysis, Your Style and Dressing Better

    Not everyone needs a Little Black Dress. This was actually a question someone posted recently, and it referred to seasonal color analysis. The reason I love this question is because it beautifully captures the conundrum of personal style. Do you follow the rules? (Wear only YOUR colors.) Or do you wear what you love? I believe there’s a way to do both, and that’s what I’m sharing in this post.

    The Fashion Rules

    Whether it’s about your body shape or your coloring, there are certain rules that give clear guidelines around what you should and should not wear. You have a triangle shape? Wear strong shoulders. Don’t wear skinny jeans. You have light skin, light eyes and light hair? Wear pink. Don’t wear black. 

    By following these guidelines, you’re playing by the rules of what you can and can’t wear. But what if you’re a triangle shape who loves skinny jeans? Or a fair blonde who loves wearing black?

    You get to decide what to wear. And as a fashion stylist who’s been in the business of helping women look incredible for over 20 years, I’m going to share a framework that’ll guide you towards your best decision.

    Know Your Style Stats

    Your style stats are the facts of your appearance. With your body shape it comes down to your measurements. And with your coloring it’s based on your skin, eyes and hair. If you want to wear your most flattering clothes, you need to know these facts. If you don’t pay attention to your style stats, you’re probably getting dressed based on what you love. It may flatter you. And it may not. 

    Some women intuitively know what flatters them. If this is you, then you’re drawn to what looks great on you. You may want to learn your style stats to expand on what you’re wearing, and have more flattering options.

    Knowing your style stats allows you to get dressed from a more informed position. You’re not choosing pieces randomly. You know what looks good on you.

    Your Personal Preferences

    You’ve probably got styles and colors you love wearing. I recently saw a photo of a woman, and her outfit did not flatter. I’m in a group with this woman so I know she was super happy with her picture. She felt confident about how she looked. 

    If you love something and it gives you confidence, wear it! That’s the goal for every outfit. I see this a lot with color. Women wear a color they love because it elevates their mood. I’m all for it! And just because something isn’t YOUR color or suited for your body does not mean it’ll look bad. Especially if you feel confident wearing it. 

    This is not my color at all. It’s not that I look bad in this sweater. It’s that I can look SO MUCH BETTER when I wear something more suitable for my coloring. That’s what knowing your style stats does. It helps you find the clothes that make you look SO MUCH BETTER!

    So if you’re a triangle shape who loves wearing skinny jeans or a fair blonde who loves wearing black, wear those things if you feel confident wearing them! Just know that could look SO MUCH BETTER if you aligned with your style stats. 

    Seasonal Color Analysis

    Click play to watch the video where I share the 3 step process to determine your most flattering colors based on seasonal color analysis. I give examples of people with different coloring so you can see how it all comes together.

    Your Signature Style

    The sweet spot of what you love and what looks good on you is your signature style. Not everything you love will look good on you. And everything that flatters you won’t be something you love. 

    Finding that sweet spot, or your signature style is how you balance following the rules with honoring your personal preferences. Because once you know what looks good on you, it builds confidence. Then you’ll gravitate towards that confidence. And you’ll want to wear more of that.

    Helping my clients define their style with a signature is one of the first things we do when we work together. If you’re curious about what this looks like for you, let’s talk. Book a complimentary call and we’ll discuss your personal style and what’s standing in the way of you loving what you wear and knowing you look good. Click here to book your call.

    5 thoughts on “Seasonal Color Analysis, Your Style and Dressing Better”

    1. Elle pukalo

      Interesting. I like the warmth of gold as opposed to the cold silver but Colour me beautiful said I was a winter. Premature silverware white hair and my eyes have really faded. Bold colours never felt comfortable. So I am happily embracing cool light summer but if it’s too light and muted I fade. Bits of dark get 5he spark happening. Colour is fascinating and and then liberating the frumpy female has just been the best yet. Thanks

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