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How She Stopped Settling For Clothes That Didn’t Fit Or Feel Good

    How often do you settle for clothes that either don’t fit, or you don’t love?

    For my client Valerie Smith, it was a regular occurrence because she hated shopping! It was always a tense and frustrating experience where she’d end up buying clothes that weren’t right— sometimes they were a little too snug (she’d tell herself she’d lose the weight.) And other times, she’d buy the same uniform which wasn’t doing anything for her.

    Valerie was not only settling for unsuitable clothes, she was sending herself a message.

    If I’m wearing something too small, I’m sending myself a message that I’m too big.

    That’s what she told me in a recent conversation. And I know she’s not the only one who gives herself these kinds of messages!

    How often are you telling yourself that you’re too big? Or too old? Or just not right?

    Unfortunately, I see this a lot.

    Which is why I was so excited when Valerie sat down with me to talk about how she overcame these kinds of style struggles.

    Click play to watch the video and hear:

    • How Valerie stopped feeling tense and frustrated while shopping to now having fun with it 
    • The game changer that got her to finally wear a style she’s always loved, but never had the guts to try
    • What she did to finally start wearing her favorite jewelry that sat untouched for years
    • How she went from feeling like nothing fits to getting into the groove of wearing clothes that fit and feel AMAZING!

    Valerie’s story is inspiring because it shows what happens when you make your personal style your self care

    “I’ve figured out that accessorizing and thinking about what you wear is really a form of self care, and I never saw it like that. The more comfortable I feel, the more calm I feel. And now I feel calmer in my skin. This piece of the puzzle was much more powerful than I had expected it to be.”

    By focusing on your style, you put the focus on YOURSELF. And for many women, this doesn’t feel natural. But what happened with Valerie (and many others) is that by putting the focus on yourself, you transform so much more than your appearance. Valerie now feels more comfortable in her skin, and this makes her feel calmer in life.

    Are you ready for this too?

    Because if you want to rediscover the FUN of getting dressed, finally have A PLAN for putting your outfits together, and know you’re wearing the RIGHT CLOTHES, 90 Day Style Refresh is for you. 

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    Inside 90 Day Style Refresh I share EVERYTHING from my 25+ year styling career which includes working with hundreds of women in all shapes and sizes including celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Serena Williams and Tina Fey.

    Trust me when I say no one has my experience and is teaching these style principles the way I do. And I’m so excited to share it ALL with you.

    Join 90 Day Style Refresh now!

    And get in touch with Valerie here:

    Or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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