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How To Match Clothes Into Stylish Layered Outfits

    layer your clothes into stylish fall outfits text overlay image of fall jacket

    One of the biggest issues I hear from women is that they don’t know how to match clothes to create layered outfits. When they look in their closets, they see plenty of garments. But putting them together into cohesive looks doesn’t come natural. 

    layer your clothes into stylish fall outfits text overlay image of fall jacket

    While I always suggest finishing your look with a final touch, now that it’s getting chillier outside, adding extra layers to your outfit doesn’t only demonstrate your superior styling skills, it’ll keep you warm!

    Click play to watch the video where I take you through my styling practice of putting together a layered outfit. 

    And keep reading for more stylist advice!

    Why Wear Layers?

    In addition to keeping you warm and showing off your abilities to style cool and cohesive outfits, wearing layers allows you to introduce items into your look that you may not normally wear.

    For example, I’ve got a denim jacket that I rarely wear on its own. But as a layering piece, worn underneath my leather or another coat, my jean jacket makes perfect sense. I recommend using your denim jacket as an essential layering element this season. Try it underneath your wool coat. Or on top of your sweaters.

    Easy fall outfits text overlay image of woman standing in fall outfit

    How To Match Clothes Into Layered Outfits

    If you’re new to creating layered outfits, you’ll want to begin with a solid foundation. Find something in your closet that you feel comfortable wearing like a simple v-neck solid color cashmere sweater. This is a great starting point for a layered outfit.

    The easiest way to layer a v-neck sweater is to add a collared button down shirt underneath. Solid white is always a good option. But here’s two ways to spice up this look. 

    • Play with the color of the collared shirt – mix in a rich tone to amp up the sweater and give it a sharp contrast. 
    • Use a button down with a print. This adds more dimension to the solid colored sweater without going too bold. 

    For extra style points, roll up the sleeves and expose the button down shirt with the sweater over the forearms. Same goes with showing the shirt at the waist area. 

    Guideline For Layering Prints And Patterns

    When you’re bringing in prints and patterns to your layered outfit, a basic guideline to remember is to match shapes.

    Look at the outlines of the prints and patterns. Pair straight lines together (stripes, plaids, geometrics). And pair round lines together (camouflage, polka dots, florals). For more on print mixing, check out this style tutorial

    Adding On To Your Layered Outfit

    Once you’ve got your sweater layered with a top underneath. Add in a denim jacket. Don’t worry if you’re wearing jeans, you won’t look like a cowboy by wearing all that denim. From there bring in your wool overcoat. Or if you have a leather jacket, that works too. Make sure your garments are roomy enough, or else you won’t be able to raise your arms from all the tightness.

    The most important element to creating layered looks is having an experimental attitude. Keep trying things until you know you’ve found the outfit. The way you know it works is to make sure that you feel comfortable and the garments are blending harmoniously.


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