Shake Practice To Release Toxic Thoughts And Raise Energy

Shake Practice To Release Toxic Thoughts And Raise Energy

You know all the negative thoughts and toxic stories we tell ourselves? Although they begin in the mind, they ultimately take residence in the body weighing us down in their heaviness. An effective way to break up these blocks of stagnate energy, and build a better vibe is through shaking.

I first learned of the shaking practice in Qi Gong back in college, and it’s come up in other exercise routines since then. I find it to be a really good way to move through negative energy. It’s also easy to do anywhere and anytime.

Check it out!

(Try shaking to this songΒ it’s the perfect length with the right attitude!)

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  1.' sara says:

    O wow Elysha I am so adding that to my practice. There are all these stuck, stagnant parts of my body (lumbar,shoulders, hips) that really are the repositories of all the woe ? Great video btw you look fantastic!

  2.' sara says:

    Hey, also where was the link to the song? ?

  3. Thank you, Sara. I think you will enjoy adding this into your practice…it’s easy to do anywhere and anytime! And it helps!
    Here’s the link to the song (thanks for reminding me to share it):

  4.' sara says:

    I did it yesterday before my yoga practice – so fun!

  5. That’s a great time to do – shake off all the excess energy before getting into your yoga practice.

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