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The Sure-Fire Way To Elevate Your Simple Outfits

    Elevate your simple outfits. Women walking across the street wearing a white outfit. She has a red scrunchy around her wrist and is holding a red phone.

    Recently, I worked with a client who complained that her simple outfits had no pizazz. After reviewing her style, I saw the issue wasn’t WHAT she was wearing. Her individual garments were good! It was HOW she wore them. She was stuck putting everything together the same way. 

    Elevate your simple outfits. Women walking across the street wearing a white outfit. She has a red scrunchy around her wrist and is holding a red phone.

    To make her outfits more interesting, she needed to mix things up. Her clothing needed to be styled differently. So instead of pairing the same blazer with the same dresses and pants, she needed to bring in new elements that would spice up her ensembles.

    Click play to watch the video where I introduce my styling technique that guarantees to make your simple outfits more dynamic. I also show examples of exactly how to do it yourself. 

    And read on for more stylist advice!

    Style Trick For Your Simple Outfits

    Every great outfit needs balance. Otherwise, something will always feel off. One way to create balance in your look is through your proportions like wearing a looser silhouette on top and going tighter on bottom. Another example is to dress in a high low combo. So your top could be a high end designer piece from Gucci while your bottom is a basic from Target. 

    The styling trick that I’m sharing here follows this guideline of creating balance, and playing with opposites. It’s called the sweet and salty technique which creates the perfect mix in your look. 

    Making A Dynamic Match 

    Do you remember when salted caramel ice cream came out? It was groundbreaking at the time. Who knew that by mixing something sweet with something salty, a flavorful blend would emerge? You can do this with your style!

    The idea is to take a garment and bring in its opposite for a cool and interesting combo. 

    Styling Tricks for simple outfits. Hats on a rack. One has flower pattern. Another is black and white striped. One is denim.

    Sweet And Salty Ingredients

    When you’re putting outfits together think about what you want to wear and assign the items attributes. 

    • Sweet looks feminine and pretty like florals and pastels, or silk fabrics.
    • Salty looks edgy or masculine like primary colors, metallics, stripes or leather.

    Your garments may not fall into either of those attributes. The goal is to give them opposing characteristics as we’re playing with contradictions. 

    Mixed And Matched

    Here’s a few examples of using the sweet and salty technique with clothing.

    • Floral sundress + black leather biker jacket
    • Pink slip dress + blue denim jacket
    • Lace blouse + cargo pants.

    Get the idea?

    In the video above I show examples so you can see what the sweet and salty technique looks like in action.

    By applying this trick to your style, you’ll bring in opposing elements. This helps not only make more of a statement with what you wear, it also demonstrates your superior styling skills. It shows that you know how to put outfits together in a smart and creative way!

    If you’d like a bring the fun back into your outfit planning click here for the free style guide, 7 steps to an incredible outfit. It’ll show you how to create a new outfit that you love from your old clothes!

    What are your style opposition words? How will you incorporate them into your style? 

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