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3 Style Tips To Make Your Clothes More Comfortable

    Since comfort is something most of us seek these days, I’m sharing 3 style tips to make your clothes more comfortable. 

    As someone who was always out & about in NYC (pre-pandemic), prioritizing comfort is nothing new. Having shoes that I could walk a mile in was non-negotiable! And even when I’d choose more structured pieces— like a blazer or work-style trousers—I’d balance it with something softer— like joggers or a tee.

    Now that staying home has become the norm, I’ve noticed some new developments in my comfort needs. Cooped up inside, sitting at my desk revealed that I have a tendency to get hot and sweaty. I also have less tolerance for restrictive garments. As well as the opposite — when an items stretches out and loses shape which causes it to slide down.

    So if you’ve got the need to bump up the comfort in your clothes, I’m sharing 3 style tips to help you out.

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    3 Style Tips To Make Your Clothes More Comfortable

    Before getting into tip #1, I must share that the true foundation for feeling comfortable in your clothes is feeling at ease in your body. If you always feel uncomfortable because of your body, go see this post where I share the foundational element that ensures every outfit looks good. It’s about feeling more comfortable in your skin which is important if you want true comfort in your clothes.

    Now for style tip #1. This is a two-for-one that tackled my issue w/ getting hot and sweaty along with the frustration of feeling restricted in my garments.

    Tip #1

    A couple months ago I received a gorgeous silk hand-me-down dress from a friend. Of course, when someone is getting rid of something you’ve got to wonder, what’s wrong with it. So I asked. She told me that her sweat always showed through when she got hot because of the light fabric.

    I decided to test it out for myself. I wore the dress for a client call where I sat in front of the camera and under the lights. I was very aware of the potential sweat issue, so I kept my arms down for the entirety of the call. When it ended, I was hot and sweaty as usual. And it showed up on the dress! Not pretty.

    There was another issue which my friend never mentioned. Maybe it never happened to her. But when I extended my arms quickly…it ripped. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have vacuumed in the dress. 

    Snip Snip

    So the problems of the dress were two-fold. It was constricting (and ripped when I moved too much) and it showed my sweat. As a solution, I decided to cut the sleeves. It worked! Now I can move freely and I don’t have to worry about sweat showing up. It’s definitely a raw look, but that works for my style. If you’re interested in this idea, you could do a more polished finish by taking it to the tailor (or sewing it on your own.)

    Tip #2

    This is about my pants digging into me. And this is very specific to my pandemic lifestyle as I’m sitting at my desk more often.

    It’s when my work-style trousers get really tight around my thighs and they start to ride up.

    You know those people who wear shorts no matter how cold it is outside? They’re all about comfort! I’m now one of them. Except I’m staying inside. I love wearing shorts! But not in a summer casual way. I love mixing shorts with silk blouses (that don’t show sweat!) and a belt to elevate and make them feel more professional.

    Snip Snip Part 2

    Making cut-offs out of your denim is probably not new to you. But have you ever cut your work-style trouser pants? That’s tip #2 which can be a great solution to feeling more comfortable sitting at your in-home office desk. Again, it’s a raw finish. Feel free to make yours more pro by working with a tailor or sewing it yourself.

    Tip #3

    If you’ve been wearing elastic waist pants, you may have this issue as well. It’s when they get all stretched out and lose their hold. This happened with a pair of pants that I wore a lot pre-pandemic — they stretched out and got saggy because of the elastic waist band. So I took them to the tailor and had them replace the waist band with a zipper. Now they fit more snugly, and regained their shape. They don’t slide around anymore. 

    So if you’re looking for style tips to make your clothes more comfortable, consider cutting off the sleeves, converting your pants into shorts and replacing the elastic waist band with a zipper.

    And if you’re looking to do more with your wardrobe, be sure to join my facebook group, Closet Shopping Collective. I’ll help you update your style using clothes you already own. Click here to join. Would love to have you!

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