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When You’re Bored With Your Clothes

    I’m getting the message loud and clear, you’re bored with your clothes. Either there’s nothing good in your closet or you have no idea how to make use of what you have. Add in the element of staying home, and it’s easy to give up! Why bother trying to make your outfits better?

    Because we feel better when we like what we’re wearing. You know when you put on that top, dress or piece of jewelry that you love? It is energizing! You’re like OK! I’m ready to do my thing! On the flip side, when you switch out of sleep pajamas into work pajamas…it’s just not as motivating!

    Click play to watch the video below where I share 3 unexpected pairings to mix up what you’ve been wearing. I give examples from my own closet so you can see how to do it on your own.

    What’s Unexpected?

    The bottom line is that the best looks come from unexpected pairings. That’s why I created the sweet and salty technique…to help you figure this out! It’s about playing with opposites to create a dynamic balance in your outfits. Think masculine versus feminine. Loose versus fitted. Classic versus trendy. If you want to get the formula to do this in your style, click here to read my post. It’ll help you elevate your simple outfits. 

    Also, if you’re ready to reinvest some energy back into your style, join my group Closet Shopping Collective. I’ll help you update what you wear using clothes you already own.

    You’re Bored, No More

    And get the free style guide that shows you how to put together a new outfit from your old clothes. This will inspire your style in ways you hadn’t thought of.

    Don’t forget to watch the video above! I give clear demonstrations on how you can make your style feel more unexpected and alive!

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