That Fine Line Between Here And There

That Fine Line Between Here And There

Legs wrapped firmly

Gripping the bar

Holding on tight to all that I know

I see what’s beyond

My next move, my next trick

Let go


Live the fall.


  1.' ♡eM says:

    Ah, letting go and taking risks is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying, but often a worthwhile venture. I try, if not in body, most definitely in mind and spirit. Smiles!

  2. Risk – live the fall. Love that!

  3. eM, I try too..for me it’s probably easier in the body than in the mind & spirit– good thing they are all connected. 🙂

  4.' ♡eM says:

    Yes, connected and happily balanced.

  5.' donzwebb says:

    ‘Live the fall’…absolutely brilliant!:)

  6.' sierrajoyy says:

    Brilliant and beautiful! 🙂
    Please read my post, happiness 101, and let me know what you think. I’ve recently started yoga and much of my post is derived from my classes:

  7. I can feel the dilemma … lovely picture and poem.

  8. It’s ongoing + always changing…thanks for commenting, Renée

  9.' SirenaTales says:

    Inspiring and beautiful. “Let go/Risk/Live the fall”–yes!…or perhaps call on Butterfly energy and fly…Love your gutsiness, TT. xx and a Hug

  10. So happy to hear from you today, ST. I think you know that I’m always striving for that…to fly! It’s reassuring to know I’ve got the butterfly energy to call on — thank you for that reminder. I’ll put it to use later today in Aerial yoga…my next opportunity to fly!! XOXO

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