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Does Your Spirit Animal Roar? Or Fly?


    The other day in yoga, the teacher told us we’d be working with the elephant.  She had us wag our tails, sweep our arms like a trunk, and make all of our moves very creature-like…it was a little weird.

    Though I have spent countless hours finding my (downward) dog, cobra, crow, and firefly,  I’ve never actually considered connecting to the wisdom of these animals.

    Until now.

    It seems that if I can tune into my spirit animal, I’ll feel more grounded in the earth which can help guide me towards making better decisions in life.

    I’ll take the Golden Eagle.

    Well, apparently it doesn’t quite work like that. According to ancient beliefs, our spirit animal chooses us- not the other way around. And to discover yours, it requires spending a lot of time in nature, observing wildlife and meditating.

    I can work on the meditation bit, but spending time in nature with animals isn’t really an option right now.

    So in the meantime I found this little quiz

    Turns out I’m a butterfly.

    What’s your spirit animal? And what’s been your experience in connecting with it?

    23 thoughts on “Does Your Spirit Animal Roar? Or Fly?”

    1. Some Native Americans believed our spirit animal is determined by our birth month– according to this theory mine is the owl (I also got owl with the quiz you posted) 😉

      There are some guides meditations on YouTube– before I ventured into the theory stuff, I did a mediation and saw some kind of bird during it, I’m assuming now that I saw a owl.

      It’s kind of fun though, now when I see owls (real or inanimate) I see them as a nudge or sign– ya know?

      Sounds like an interesting yoga class!

    2. I must have answered the questions wrong because the patience came up and I’m matched with a spider euwwww!

    3. Symbolism, and even identifying with animal characteristics and traits, is so interesting. The natural world is wondrous.

    4. Hey, thank you so much for sharing this! I did the quiz, and my spirit animal is an owl – and you know, i knew that the owl was one of my power animals. the description is so true, and a really good reminder to call in the owl at this time xo

    5. That’s a really cool way to look at it — that seeing your spirit animal is a nudge of some sort. This is especially cool for an owl as it’s not a common sighting (at least not in my neck of the woods). I’m going to use this insight when I see a butterfly–it’s a sign! Thanks Ryan!

    6. Oh boy…there must be something spiritual about the spider, right? I will confess that I didn’t think too hard about the answers on the quiz…I just wrote the first thought that popped into my brain. It’s still fun though..

    7. Sara, that’s awesome — to be in touch with this energy, and have the ability to call on it can only be empowering. Thank you. xo

    8. SirenaTales

      TT, Are you ready for this?….BUTTERFLY! Yay! I love butterflies and have always felt connected to them–sometimes they even land on me :). Maybe we can start a Band of Butterflies…. Thanks so much for this post. As you may guess, it is SO totally what I need right now. And loved the quiz–am passing it on to my personal trainer/wellness friend. JOY TO YOU, baby. xoxo

    9. Why does it not surprise me that you and I share the same spirit animal? The lovely, sometimes elusive butterfly with immense power to transform! Awesome. We found the name for our band! xx + a Big hug.

    10. Kelly Kuhn

      Bear is my spirit animal and she has been a wonderful and patient guide. She seems to work in tandem with Hummingbird a fair amount. Fun stuff!

    11. Kelly, it sounds like you have some history with the bear…how cool to be able to recognize its gifts, and even better that you have 2 spirit animals guiding the way!

    12. I got owl–and have always been scared of owls! Hmmm . . . something Freudian about this:).

    13. SirenaTales

      Elysha! This post came back to me suddenly today, so I am back checking out its wisdom and that of our shared spirit animal. Thanks for the continued inspiration. Here’s to graceful transformation and JOY. xxo p.s. Band of Butterflies….a name that’s still got it 🙂

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