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DIY Backpack Tutorial To Carry Your Stuff In Style | DIY backpack

    After being obsessed with this backpack, I couldn’t justify spending $1000. So even though I’m no crafty mom, I decided I’d DIY my own backpack that represents me.

    Here’s how to DIY a cool looking backpack.

    DIY Backpacks | | MindBodySoul Stylist

    • Buy a sporty style bag. You don’t want to go all luxe since the DIY you’re about to create won’t really mesh with anything too fancy. I got MZ Wallace which is top when it comes to athleisure bags.


    • Pick out fun patches. I got a little sucked in here…trolled around etsy looking for the best, most unique styles. Keep in mind–> you’ll have to stare at these patches a lot. Don’t get something that’ll ultimately be annoying. And choose things that represent your style. Mine are from here.

    I remember ages ago, I wanted to DIY a shirt, and went with one of those Rolling Stones lip + tongue logos…so not the vibe I want to convey today. Get something that’ll speak your style for years. A backpack is something you can use for a long, long time. Make yours classic.

    • Place your patches. This is where a good eye comes in. You’ll want to place your patches in an aesthetically pleasing way. Go to Pinterest and check out my DIY board for inspo. Take pictures of each possibility for your patch placement then go back and see which option looks the best. You’ll safety pin each patch onto the backpack to hold it down.


    • Sew ’em on. If you’re crafty mom you can save a few bucks by getting out your thread and needle. I’m more of a pay-someone-else-to-do-this-hand-labor kind of girl. If you’re like me, don’t make the mistake I initially made by taking your backpack to the tailor. They won’t do it. They need a bigger machine. Go to the shoe guy. He has the machine, and can get the job done.


    • Sport your new bag and be proud! You just created a custom backpack that not only looks awesome, it’ll get you where you need to be in style💫.

    Do you ever DIY your stuff? If yes, how do you do it?
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