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Simple Anti-Aging Skincare Routine That Won’t Break The Bank

    Simple Anti-aging Skincare Routine That Won’t Break The Bank | | Mind body Soul Stylist

    Simple Anti-aging Skincare Routine That Won’t Break The Bank | | Mind body Soul Stylist

    I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when using cleanser and moisturizer no longer sufficed for my skincare routine. Was it after kid #2 and 0 hours of sleep? Or when I hit 40-something? Regardless, these days it takes more than a good moisturizer to keep my skin from falling to the floor. After my own experimentations along with following the recommendations of others, I’ve come up with a pretty good program that’s not crazy expensive because I think most of us are familiar with the all too easy trap of over spending on products that over promise and under deliver.

    My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine (Because Real Life Doesn’t Have Filters) 

    Years ago, on set, a make up artist told me that cleansers are the least important part of a beauty routine since they’re rinsed off right away. It made sense! So ever since, I haven’t spent tons on fancy cleansers. I think it really comes down to the smell, and what I can tolerate. Usually I go for unscented because it’s less toxic. I just like to keep my face as clean as possible since I do tend to breakout.

    Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum
    After spending hundreds on Vitamin C serums, I was thrilled to discover this Youtuber who seemed to know everything on anti-aging. Her vitamin C rec was way cheaper, and basically contained the same stuff as the one by Skinceuticals. Vitamin C, when combined with vitamin E and Ferulic Acid is supposed to help protect from the harmful rays (when used with sunscreen). It’s also supposed to reduce hyper pigmentation and even out skin tone. Basically, if there’s one product to add into your routine, vitamin C is it. It’s known as the antioxidant rock star among anti-aging experts.

    Coming onto the scene in a big and buzzy way, peptides make a nice addition to an anti-aging routine. I first started using them in my neck cream years ago. (Yes, I had a dedicated cream for my neck which I no longer use because I found something else to do the job.) Nowadays, I get my peptides in a serum. I dab it around my eyes along with the rest of my face and neck. I love how it makes my skin feel afterwards. And as another rec from my trusted Youtuber…it’s cheap!

    Though seemingly basic, this product packs a punch as it contains ceramides, niacinamide, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid – all power players in anti-aging. I use it allover – eyes, face and neck so my skin feels fresh and hydrated afterwards. But without clogging pores.

    Once the warmer weather arrives, the sun will be back in full force, and I’ll be ready with an amazing sunscreen. I discovered it on a dermatologist’s website, and am loving the formulation. It goes on light without leaving that ugly white cast that other mineral sunscreens tend to do.

    This one is somewhat controversial. While my dermatologist says it’s the best product ever, others claim the opposite. So until I find something that is as effective at anti-aging and acne, I’ll continue to refill my prescription.

    Coconut Oil
    To counteract the drying effects of the retinol, I use oil on my face, neck and hands. Initially I was hesitant to put oil on my face since I tend to break out. But coconut oil has amazing antibacterial properties along with a host of other healthy benefits. Here’s a cool infographic to see more on coconut oil.

    What anti-aging products do you use?

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    9 thoughts on “Simple Anti-Aging Skincare Routine That Won’t Break The Bank”

    1. Sleep.

      I stopped regularly washing my face with soap/product years ago. I am not one to buy a lot of face products so I didn’t go through many, but the ones I went through were too harsh (?) because my face would breakout. I used to wash my face before bed, but once I stopped I don’t break out. I just use water on my face. Sometime in the shower I will use my soap OR if my face wash/make up remover is in the shower I will use it.

      I rarely wear make up but when I do I do wash my face with a face wash and make-up remover product.

      When my face feels itches or looks dry I use DHC’s light moisturizer. Their moisturizers are the only ones I have tried that don’t break my face out.

      When I first discovered their products I bought their oil (olive oil). I didn’t use it for a long time thinking it would make my skin oily. It actually dried it out. So I have a whole bottle I only used a couple of times.

      I would follow your anti-aging routine if I were so inclined to spend the money and put in all the time because whatever you are doing is working. You look very young and beautiful!

    2. My face can break out pretty easily too so I need to be careful with what I use.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment! I enjoyed reading about your routine (which is really simple!)

    3. Michele Anderson

      Always have used only soap and water and all purpose body lotion. Seems to have worked for me.

    4. Love these tips. I’ve been using coconut oil on my face for a few years now and will probably be a lifetime user. I’m going to check out your other recommendations too! <3

    5. jeri moser

      Can you tell me more specific products and recipes you use?

    6. Love this routine! I can create an affordable skincare routine by following this article. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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