Training Vs. Practice

Is it odd that though I love a life filled with movement, I’ve never once considered myself in training? Practice – yes. But training – never […]

Biggest Spring 2014 Fashion Trend

CONFIDENCE! How will you work this Spring trend?

Transition To Now

In yoga, transitions are the part of the practice that keeps the movement fluid. In real life, transitions are the stuff that makes up our day […]

Get Moving: Shake Your Soul Yogadance

Do you ever have that feeling that you’ve got to step outside of your normal routine, and try something new?  Consider it a calling, or just […]

MindBodySOUL Style + The Red Carpet

At the Oscars, Ellen did a pretty fantastic job of rallying the stars to be just like us with group selfies and pizza parties. OK– so […]

MindBodySOUL Style + The Fall Runways

After making the rounds through NY, London, and Milan, fashion month is finally finishing up with its last leg in Paris. And though I’m more interested […]

What Would Happen If…

**I took 3 deep breaths. Then responded to the situation **I went beyond what they expected. And what I expected. **I made eye contact with a […]

It’s A-OK

Jnana Mudra Wisdom begins in wonder – Socrates

Dancer In The Dark (And How I Saw It)

The other day my dear, dancing friend from Sirena Tales guided me towards a cool site that lists every class in NYC. I popped over to […]

The Music Of The Magic School Bus

There are many times I’ve relied on soaring melodies and earth trodden beats to flip my mood from ick to awesome. And that’s not even including […]

Mindbody Soul Style

It can be created around fashion, from the front rows of the runway shows. Or it can be a charming collection of hand-picked faves. It doesn’t […]

My Next Adventure In Motion Part III

Ever since flying free on the trapeze I’ve had an inner urge to keep at it — high above the ground.  Aerial silks, with its natural […]